The Currents of Space 11

Previously …

‘I don’t know your name; but I do know your face. You’re the piece of filth that allowed my sister to die because of your incompetence.’

Achernar struggled back to consciousness; his head splitting and an agonising pain in his back. He fought back the urge to vomit when he realised that he was in a vacc suit.

‘Don’t move,’ came Bellatrix’s voice over the comm. ‘They’ve dumped us on the terminator; I think I know where we are; but stay in the shadow until I’m sure. These are basic suits, not HEV suits. Oh, and also, we’ve only got six hours of air in the tanks.’

Capella broke in: – ‘I’m so sorry, this is all my fault. I wasn’t good enough at my job …’ His voice broke off into a sob; a few yards away; a suited figure was hunched over.

Achernar pulled himself up to a sitting position. ‘What the frack happened to us? The last thing I remember is the back room of the club.’

A new voice came over the comm. ‘I warned you that these people were fond of tasers. By all accounts, you were tasered several times.’ It was the private investigator they had spoken to earlier. A suited figure stood and waved.

‘I’m Paula Vertise, ex- US Marshal and currently a PI. Obviously, the Lebkuchen now think that I’m a threat.’

‘Lebkuchen. Gingerbread?’

‘Believe me, there is nothing sweet about the Lebkuchen. They are murderous sociopaths; clones created originally to provide for spare-part replacement to the rich. Their psychological profile was ignored and discounted. However, now they are free.’

‘Ah – I remember. The Clone Uprising of 2209 in Germany. I was tramping on a German ship doing the Earth – Hamilton run at the time.’

‘Did you know that the uprising started following a raid on the Haruna Corporation labs in Munich?’

‘And Haruna are here on Crown. That’s interesting, but we’ve got more immediate problems right now. Capella, what the frack is up with you? Why is this all your fault?’

‘Two years ago, after LX504, I was working for Haruna Corporation. One night I was abducted after work and taken to a warehouse; I don’t know where it was. There was a badly-injured woman on a medical bench and another woman; the one who was in the club. The bench was surrounded by genetic engineering kit; gene-splicers, mutators, a growth tank; the lot. I was ordered to splice the two women’s genes and clone the one on the bench.’ Capella fell silent.

‘Who was the woman on the bench?’ said Paula.

‘I don’t know. But I couldn’t do it. I’m a combat medic, not a genetic engineer. The woman on the bench was dying anyway; I tried to save her. The next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital; covered in taser burns. I had been found, nearly dead, by a police patrol, in the street.’

‘What did the woman on the bench look like?’ pressed Paula. ‘You treated her; you must have got a good look at her?’

‘I DON’T REMEMBER!’ screamed Capella. ‘I was shitting myself, I wasn’t looking at her.’ He tapped his wrist read-out. ‘We have less than six hours air left.’

‘Relax,’ said Bellatrix. ‘Remember, this is my home world. Many years ago, we established supply dumps of essential supplies across the planet. They are still maintained, although at several board meetings, Adese has proposed discontinuing the maintenance in order to cut costs.’

She looked at everyone. ‘The supply dump is five hours away on foot. This gives a very little margin for error. We can’t afford stragglers; keep up or you die. Is that clear?’

To be continued ….

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The Guvnor
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okay, I just effing love this now and I thought it couldn't get better.
Sociopathic gingerbread clones have now dumped the PCs in a classic "Across the Bright Face" trek in vacc suits against time.
Get Netflix to green light this now!!