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Previously …

‘Denebola. Are you hearing me? Remember me, machst du? ‘Your old buddy and partner, Speirs. Remember what you did to me?’

‘Do hospital ships carry weapons? I thought they weren’t allowed to.’

‘We’ve got an incoming vessel; decelerating hard. IFF says it’s a US Marshal Patrol ship.’

‘We need to get off this ship – fast’, said Achernar. ‘Everyone; grab what you can and get to the hangar bay. We’ll get off on one of the ship’s boats, using the ship to screen us. We’ll get down to the surface and plan from there. Denebola, we need vacc suits and spare tanks, if you can see to that.’

Denebola was studying the screen. ‘It’s a “Sabre-class” system patrol boat, crew of two and usually between two and four marshals. Packs two SRAM missile racks. You know, this might just be a routine check.’

‘Or it could be your buddy Speirs here to finish the job.’ Bellatrix slammed her hand onto the table. ‘You know what I think – you were in it together and you screwed him. Maybe in more ways than one?’

Denebola screamed an obscenity and launched herself at the smaller woman across the table. They grappled and Denebola managed to land a couple of solid punches before they were separated. Capella used a dressing pack to staunch the flow of blood from Bellatrix’s nose.

‘You’ll have an impressive black eye for a few days.’ Capella glared at Denebola. ‘I thought we were friends.’

‘Frack! You’ve cost us time with your stupid argument.’ Achernar was furious. Denebola said nothing; she just left the room to check out the vacc suits, followed by Bellatrix. Achernar rounded on Capella.

‘So what’s the story with Bellatrix?’

‘I’m sleeping with her – if that’s any of your business.’

‘Okay, it’s your business. But what’s the story with Denebola, if your girlfriend hates her so much?’

‘She saved my life on LX504; Bella barely made it out on her own. Bella thinks Denebola left her behind deliberately.’

On board the shuttle – need a destination. Möbius 1 is a civilian farside observatory and seemed a likely destination. Then Bellatrix spoke up.

‘I have a contact in the USMC; Major Walker. I see if I can get clearance to land at Möbius 3 – it’s a military site. The USMS won’t have jurisdiction there.’

‘Okay – but first we need to deal with our visitors. We’re too late to get away now; we’re being hailed.’

Two US marshals boarded, wearing uniforms and armed. They were not expecting the ‘Marie Hope’; they were alerted by the Möbius observatory as the L3 point is restricted, (drive flares interfere with optical and infra-red imaging). They looked a little doubtful at the “doing maintenance on the cooling pump” story, but a donation to the “Widows and Orphans Fund” convinced them.*

Bellatrix came back from the bridge – ‘I’ve bought us some time; we have forty-eight hours at Möbius 3. They think we are black ops.’

The flight down to the surface was routine and they landed at Möbius 3. They were met at the lock by a 1st Lieutenant; his name tag read [CROSSLAND]. He welcomed them to Möbius 3 and showed them to their quarters, two rooms in the hab module.

‘We have our orders from Major Walker to leave you alone. You are free to go anywhere on the base except restricted areas and Operations. We work standard duty shifts, the mess is always open. Any queries/ problems; use comms channel 241. Contact Operations on 1001 when you are ready to leave. Forty-eight hours I understand.’ He left the room.

‘Now what? We’re illegally on a US military base. If they find out, we’ll all vanish into a hole so deep no-one will ever find us.’

To be continued …


*GM: true! This is how it played out. This is what led me down the “let’s make out that we are a black ops team’ route.

GM notes:

One of the great things about using various solo engines is that they can throw all odd situations in my way, forcing me to think like my players would. When I started this Game; I had no idea it would end up here!

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