The Currents of Space 6

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Previously …

‘It’s a “Sabre-class” system patrol boat, crew of two and usually between two and four marshals. Packs two SRAM missile racks.’

‘Bella thinks Denebola left her behind deliberately.’

‘Now what? We’re illegally on a US military base. If they find out, we’ll all vanish into a hole so deep no-one will ever find us.’

After settling into their assigned rooms, they went to find the mess to get some food. There were several doors marked “RESTRICTED” and no outside windows – they surmised that the base was under the surface. Achernar glanced at the door locks as they passed – A keypad requiring the insertion of a key card to open. Double- level security?

The mess was typical for a military base; there was a lot of room but only a few personnel wearing military fatigues were eating or watching the film showing on the TV; an action film with lots of explosions and shouting.

‘Where is everyone?’ Denebola asked the cook as he served them up a plateful of good-smelling chow.

‘Minimal staff at the moment; the CO is absent and the XO is in charge.’

‘So what’s he like as an officer?’

‘He’s good … as XO. Is that enough chow for you ma’am?’

Denebola glanced up as Crossland joined them in the queue. ‘Settled in okay? Good. Say, do any of you play cards? I host a nightly poker game; stakes capped at a month’s pay for an O-1. Any of you in?’

Achernar, Bellatrix and Capella were all up for it. Crossland smiled.

‘Have your PASS-cards ready; you’ll need them. Meet in here at 0800 hours.’

Later, whilst the poker game was underway, Capella did a little more exploring of Mobius-3. He came upon another “RESTRICTED” door; this one had a soldier on guard; armed with a rifle and a pistol. The guard was neutral, but firm.

‘Sir, you are in a restricted area. Please turn and retrace your steps.’

Later that night; the others had had a good time. Achernar had won a month’s pay and Denebola had won two month’s pay. Crossland had tabled a return match for the following evening.


Capella sat bolt upright in his bed and looked at his watch. 1400 hours.

“That sounded like gunfire,” he thought. The sound came again, a muffled sound like popping corn. Quickly he woke the others.

‘That is gunfire’, said Denebola. ‘I’ve heard it enough times.’ She hit the comms button, channel 1001. There was nothing but a burst of static. ‘Something’s wrong. Come on!’

In the central hub was the body of a US soldier, shot in the back. Next to him was a Maverick M24A3 carbine. Denebola took this; ‘loaded, not fired.’

In the quarters they found two combat knives that Achernar and Capella took. Again was the sound of distant gunfire. Suddenly the lighting shifted from normal to red. Denebola found a comms panel and called 1001 – there was still only static.

Ahead was a storeroom and there was movement! A vacc-suited figure emerged; carrying a rifle. The vacc suit carried a Federal Republic of China (FRC) symbol. Bellatrix fired the stun gun but missed; Denebola fired a 4-round burst and hit; spinning the target backwards into the bulkhead. The return shot from the invader went wild; missing everyone. A second burst from Denebola put the FRC trooper down; injured but not life-threatening. It was a woman, dog tags read [Yang]; they restrained her and locked her in the storeroom. Achernar took her rifle; an AKZ-4; she was also carrying two stun grenades that Bellatrix took.

For a moment, the air blowers stuttered, then picked up again.

Without warning, gunfire broke out from close by; in the Hub. Two FRC troopers in full vacc suits were engaged in a firefight with two US troopers. The PC’s burst in and targeted the FRC troops. A brief but intense firefight occurred that left one US soldier dead, both FRC troopers injured and Denebola slightly injured.

‘Okay, let’s find out who these guys are.’

‘Step away from the prisoners.’ Lieutenant Crossland’s voice came from behind them. He stood there with four armed soldiers. ‘We’ll handle things from here. Turn in those weapons and return to your quarters. Sergeant Gates!’


‘Have two men escort our guests back to their quarters. They are permitted only to use the mess hall. Understood?’

‘Sir, yes sir.’

To be continued …


GM notes: –

I designed the base using The Location Crafter and fought the battles using the Cepheus Engine rules (with a little help from MGT2).

> Why has Crossland’s attitude changed? (hint: the clues are there in this and previous posts.)

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I have read Solo now and understand the process. I think this mix of authorship, narration and the Plan makes for great reading.