[reading] The Future of Work

Interesting, if rather conservative and predictably depressing. Increased automation is a certainty, but the old saw of other jobs being created in place of those lost has failed to materialise for some time now. Automation benefits the 0.01%, not society as a whole.

Getting over-55s and women to work more to replace the shrinking workforce also sounds like a losing propostion for those two groups. You can bet the reasons for their not working would remain and be exacerbated if they were attracted back to work. Unpaid care is not going away, and some over 55s would like to enjoy life before it's too late.

As for retraining bank tellers and shop assistants as nurses, or mobilising Europe's educational systems … easy to say in a think tank, impossible to implement in the real world.

All grist for the mill of AEON:cyberport™, though. 😉