[selling] The 'I need some shelf space' Sale


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Hi all,


Selling off some games which are either duplicates or aren't likely to get to the table any time soon.

Prices include postage.
If you buy more than one then I will see if the postage will drop.

I'm posting them here and on my personal Facebook feed before I go elsewhere. First come first served. Photos available on request.
Some books are in a library slip cover - I can remove if you don't want it, as it is just wrapped around and will not damage the book.

River of Heaven SFRPG + the Last Witness adventure - £18
OpenQuest 2nd edition hardcover - £9

Sly Flourish's Fantastic Locations (D&D 5e based book with locations to drop into a campaign) - £12
Kaigaku + The Ruined Kingdom Campaign (Black Hack based stand alone Japanese style game) - £16
Weird Adventures (OSR pseudo fantasy New York gangland setting in slip cover) - £8
The Nightmares Underneath (OSR RPG) - £10
The Whitehack 2nd Edition Booklet (OSR RPG) - £7
Crypts & Things Life and Death Zarth Edition (OSR Adventure) - £7

Dungeon World Class Warfare (expansion for Dungeon World that lets you build any style of playbook in slip cover) - £13
Dungeon World The Perilous Wilds + A Book of Beasts (expands Dungeon World to support free style wilderness campaigns + monsters) - £12

Savage Worlds - Space 1889 - Red Sands - (Savage Worlds version of 1889) £20

Message me if you want to haggle!
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