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Entry 10

Despite a near fatal encounter with one of the invading alien automata, our investigations across the globe continue.

Setting off in our flying(!) boat, the Belerophon, to search the world, we first travelled to check the well-being of our erstwhile crew members. They were living in a ramshackle encampment outside Vicereen, their number swelled by various refugees from that benighted place.

Methuselah made some adjustments to our crew but The Belerophon cannot carry a full marine-ship complement. So we gave what supplies and funds we could to the rest and instructed them to make their way to Paranti, acquire a boat and sail to our island hideout to live out their lives.

Methuselah then determined a route across the world to seek evidence of any more population harvesting storms. We went first to Paranti where were found the city in ruins. The blue giant which had been troubling them during our last visit had simply starved to death.

We left the place and set off on Methuselah's course. Within a few days, we heard the sounds of thunder. Turning towards it, we saw a steak of red fly past our ship. A projectile of some kind. Ahead we saw a large mass of people on the ground. And another missile dispatched towards us.

"We come in Peace" I sent ahead using my newly developed telepathic abilities.

"Don't care!" came the reply.

The mass of "people" turned out to be a group of the pig-spliced creatures who are invading our world. They were accompanied by several giant flying eggs. As we fled, one of these was sent to pursue us.

Thanks to Hanna's brave scouting mission, we were not surprised when it uncoiled into a giant humanoid automaton and fired missile after missile at us. None of our responses, be it massed muskets, cannon nor the energy weapon I'd picked up - from our earlier encounter with the pig splices - had any effect upon it. Alas, the obverse could not said to be true. The only thing that kept us alive was Methuselah's skill at piloting the flying ship.

Seeing that he'd taken us out over the sea and dropped us to a lower height - presumably to allow a chance of survival when we had to abandon ship - I played a last, desperate, card. Firing my captured alien weapon at the sea below us, I created a huge wave of steam. This seemed to befuddle the senses of the thing pursuing us and we were able to escape in the artificial fog.

Methuselah decided to use the confusion to fly nearer the crashed giant metallic airship. Damien - our telepathic spy from Vicereen - demurred but we lied to him about our intents.

We stopped off at a small village which was strangely untouched by the events across the world. We issued them a warning and took the opportunity to repair our boat. I was also able to adjust Methuselah's sextant to that it could estimate height as well as two dimensional position.

Finding the alien ship too well protected, we went to re-investigate the glowing orange orb. Approaching by the air proved difficult when we lost gravity and people started floating away. Crewman Dibble and one of Hanna's offspring were killed. So we landed the ship and approached afoot.

Using ropes and grapples - and working as a team - we managed to reach the sphere this time. Our skin turned orange - much to Damien's discomfort. However, despite seeming translucent with objects inside, the sphere proved immune to out scientific investigations. When Methuselah was injured and my energy gun drained during those investigations, we chose to withdraw.
Entry 11

Whatever we are evolving into, our new abilities have enabled us to have our first victories against the alien invaders.

Departing, defeated (again!) from the glowing orange orb - which appears to have been the great Shaidar's power source - we resumed our planetary search for answers.

At Methuselah's behest I have begun to seed Damien's food with substances to create the illusion of illness. As he turns to me for healing, the medicines I prescribe will allow me to cure or kill him as required. At the moment, nothing he has reported back to the marvellous King Errald Eccles at Vicereen will cause us any problems, but you never know.

Passing the large crashed metallic alien ship as we regained our course we found the flying eggs joined by even larger objects bedecked with spikes of all sorts. The aliens seem to be bolstering their forces.

We were again attacked by one of the giant egg automata. With no water around my previous tactic was denied. Using my newly developed telekinetic abilities, I threw Tyrann at it, and he literally tore it apart.

What are we becoming?

Investigations showed it to be inhabited by a green humanoid. Not a splice of any kind. Something truly alien. Its lungs were filled with fluid. (I am unable to determine the type with the crude resources at hand.) It has two livers. The heart is located lower down in its chest than in all other life forms on this planet. And it has no vocal chords.

Our flight took us to a town called Jusseya. This seemed to be completely empty - in a way consistent with the pattern of ships and villages being harvested of humanity we have witnessed before.

Whilst investigating the town, we were attacked a force of some dozen pig-headed aliens. Between Tyrann's strength, my mind altering abilities and Methuselah's ability to summon up a tornado (!) they were handily dispatched. I attempted to use my healing ability to re-animate one for questioning and resurrected FIVE!

What HAVE we become?

As expected these pig creatures are splices, like most races on the planet (except for humans). The wedding ring worn by one - in tandem with incongruous tattoos previously witnessed - leads me to suspect that these are recent splices. Could the invading aliens be harvesting the planets' native inhabitants and then converting them, somehow into troops for their invasion?

As we resumed our flight, the ship was rocked by the shockwave of a massive explosion and we were suffused in a orange glow. Another of Hanna's offspring was killed. (They seem to be mightily fragile.) We witnessed the sight of a whole range of some four dozen mountains being levelled.

We are developing the powers of Demi-Gods. But we seem to be up against an opponent with the power of the Gods themselves. What hope to we have to save our planet?
Entry 12

We have saved the world..... but at what cost to our own futures?

Following the levelling of a mountain range, Methuselah was unable to find anywhere to land. Using his immense piloting skills we entered the crater where once the mountains had stood and hovered at the rim, surveying the land.

We formulated a plan. I was to try to contact the Mole Men mentally and invite them to meet us. Unfortunately, the only place left which was a common frame of reference was the entrance to their underground realm we'd first entered. And there was an alien army between us and it.

We circled carefully away from that army and behind one of the few mountains left. From there we proceeded on food towards the mountain with me constantly sending mental thoughts to the Mole People identifying whatever landmarks I could as possible meeting places.

After a short while, we came across a platoon of the pig creatures. They were near what appeared to be a crashed pig automaton and some kind of erstwhile flying gun platform. They had their helmets off and were non-threatening. Unable to talk directly we communicated by drawing pictures in the sand.

The green humanoid inside the automaton was dead. I used my abilities to re-animate it and bring it out of its suit, whereupon it died immediately in our atmosphere. This seemed to cheer the pig-splices. It seems they were happy that the egg had crashed and they were free from their alien overlords. (They seemed to take it amiss, however, when I suggested they transfer their fealty to me.)

As we continued on in our search for the Mole Folk, the pig-splices followed us and we discovered more downed alien technology and freed pig warriors, who joined us, swelling our numbers.

Eventually, a group of Mole Folk emerged and we discovered - as we'd surmised - that the levelling of the mountains was the result of a last ditch suicidal Mole Folk weapon which had had the effect of downing the aliens' flying technology.

Feeling that the alien ship might now be undefended, we boldly determined to reapproach it in the interests of gaining more intelligence. We asked the Mole Folk to accompany us but they were reluctant to fly. They gave us one of their younger - more belligerent - members, Boris, to join our crew.

Finding the alien ship guarded by a single remaining flying device, we landed, debarked a raiding party and instructed the Belerophon to draw the device away. It was only then that Boris revealed that the ground was riddled with Mole Men tunnels and we hadn't needed to risk our ship in this way.

Using the Tunnels we penetrated the alien ship. Eerie white corridors. Deserted. Presumably the Mole-Folk weapon's effect had reached here as well.

We passed many rooms whose purpose was alien to us. One chamber contained almost two hundred comatose humans, apparently awaiting conversion to pig-splices. I woke one but he was needlessly belligerent and had no information for us - beyond confirming our theories that humans had been harvested by the strange storms for the express purpose of building the aliens' pig army.

Boris then chose to tell us that his people believed the pig-splices, egg-automata, flying gun-ships and other technologies were controlled by beings residing at the heart of the ship. We body determined to head inwards immediately.

Eventually we found a huge room with a silvered dome in the middle. The silvering seemed to be liquid of some kind. Mercury perhaps? I cleared some away and we were able to discern figures sitting in chairs in the middle of the dome. Tyrann was tasked with smashing a way in. He failed. The "Mercury" seemed to act as a defensive and regenerative mechanism.

However, when I used my telekinetic abilities to hold back the covering, Tyrann was able to tear his way in with ease.

Inside the dome were three figures - one black, one blue and one translucent - we could see its internal organs. Though the bodies were normal sized, their heads were immense, supported by specially braced chairs. We immediately set to destroying that bracing but were attacked with overwhelming mental forces. We were all forced to flee except for the brave Tyrann who fought on alone.

By the time I was able to overcome this assault and return, I found that Tyrann had toppled the translucent figure by destroying one of the chair's legs. Unfortunately it was still able to fight on, and seemed to have the ability to strip Tyrann of his abilities and use them against him. He also seemed to be drowning in an air-filled room.

(I later found out that the deviant aliens had mind controlled Methuselah and ordered him to change to fluid form and enter Tyrann's body).

Despite all of this, Tyrann fought on. I don't think I've ever witnessed anything so determined, so heroic.

Seeking to avoid defensive mechanisms, I gently placed my stolen alien energy pistol against the chair of the Black alien and successfully managed to topple it. This distraction allowed Methuselah to free himself from mental control and between him and Tyrann, they finally slew the fallen Translucent being.

I then used my mental abilities to "suggest" a truce to all in the room. I put every ounce of mental effort behind it. Amazingly it worked.

The surviving two aliens mentally informed us that Jah'ruhl - the "saviour" who had brought humanity to this world and created all of the spliced races, was actually a criminal and mass murderer that they were pursuing.

We have agreed to help them hunt him down if they will agree to leave what is left of our world in peace.

We start the hunt tomorrow.
The 12 entries listed here are all that has been recovered from the single volume of Dr Victor's journal which has been found. Given the history of our world, we can surmise some of the later events but the details - alas - have been shrouded in legend.

We have also been unable to locate the "Scientific Notes" to which he refers. Given the amoral approach he seems to have taken to his Science, this is perhaps not a bad thing.


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This blog records the events of Stephen Dowse's " black powder, post apocalyptic, alien invasion, superpowers" Savage Worlds campaign - January through April 2019 - at the Birmingham Central Roleplayers Club.

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