[PF] The Mwangi Expanse (and breaching the Marie Kondo limit)

So I had planned with Pathfinder 2e to stop collecting books after a certain pre-determined point.
I have done that with Starfinder after the Near Space sourcebook was published. The later Starship Operations manual did not tempt me.

Similarly, with Pathfinder 2e my plan was to stop collecting after the new Pathfinder 2e Kingmaker sourcebook this December.

But then this drops: The Mwangi Expanse for the Lost Omens Campaign in Pathfinder 2e. I cannot say no to this, for reasons.

So guess, I must continue finding excuses that justify me having more books than strictly necessary, and something surely Marie Kondo frowns upon.

And the most difficult part is keeping space on my shelf open till June of 2021 for the sourcebook at least, not to talk of the six-part Adventure Path booklets.


The Lost Omen sourcebook for the Mwangi Expanse will be released in June 2021, ahead of the next Adventure Path campaign for the RPG, which will similarly be set in the region.

Strength of Thousands follows the Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Adventure Path, due to take place between April and June 2021. Strength of Thousands will run in six monthly parts between July and December 2021, taking player characters from first level to level 20.