The Stars, Like Dust! – Adventure 1

A Simple Pick-Up

GCP System – Arkadia Trade Hub

‘Alert alert my refrigerators.’ The voice of Captain R4M-S3Y came over the speaker from his bridge-kitchen. ‘We have a new fish-slice from TransGalaxy. You are to go to Cargo Bay 34 and secure a cargo of hydrolysed emmgan for transit to Ahone II. More importantly, you are to go to the Space-Time Commisarium and secure some sea-soaked carbo-pork for a new recipe I am programming for the Ploveen Cook-Off.’

Professor Paxx and Borg set off for the cargo bay, followed by Emile, who left the ship when he was sure that R4M-S3Y was not watching. Cargo bay 34 was fairly run-down and only contained one item of note; a large pallet containing thirty-six large drums of hydrolysed emmgan. The pallet obviously needed a cargo loader to move it; Paxx had just got one started running when a woman’s voice echoed around the bay.

‘Stand away from that cargo! It’s ours’

The speaker was a female Arsubaran with red skin and black hair; wearing a captain’s jacket with TransGalaxy patches. Flanking her were two Dolom; one wearing a toolbelt. Paxx recognised her (he’s an Arsubaran and it’s one of their abilities.)

‘Red Sonya, captain of the “Black Witch” I believe? And this would be your charming all-female crew?’ Paxx stepped forward and offered his hand.

‘Cut the crap,’ came the reply. ‘I don’t know you, even if you are TG. Now piss off; this is our cargo.’

Borg came forward into the light. ‘Says who?’ he asked, in a fairly reasonable tone. One of the Dolom stepped forward. ‘Captain. I’ve always wanted to arm wrestle a Hacragorkan.’ She flexed all three arms. ‘Best of three?’ ‘Winner gets the cargo rights?’ suggested Paxx but Captain Sonya turned a withering stare on him. ‘Let’s just stick to the contracts.’

Borg won the arm-wresting easily (!) and Paxx made another power play. ‘You’re surrounded.’ ‘No,’ countered Red Sonya, ‘you are. Girls! Open fire!’

A barrage of repeater laser fire came from behind as the crew of the “Black Witch” opened up. Borg ran to engage them; Paxx took cover behind the cargo pallet. Suddenly; Emile popped up out of a floor vent next to Red Sonya and sprayed her (FOUL STENCH/ 2 Zones/ +/-2 for anything with a sense of smell) She pulled two matched laser pistols and burned off a lot of his fur. Emile howled, lunged forward and grabbed one of her pistols, hiding it in his cheek pouch; then he ran off in panic much to her surprise.

From behind Paxx, came a ‘peeping’ sound and an orange strobe light; a cargo lifter labelled “CBB-654” tried to pick up the pallet of hydrolysed emmgan. Paxx tried to reprogram it but only managed to make it go out of control and run over him.


Another robot; humanoid with four arms clutching various clipboards and memos. A round head with four vision lenses rotates constantly. Chest label reads “KENNICKIE – 7 Robot Supervisor”

‘This is our cargo’

‘No, this is our cargo – I have the contract’

‘Bulldogs – No-one is taking this cargo without proper documentation. Professor Paxx, yours seems in order. Captain Sonya, where is yours?’

‘It… I had it a moment ago! It’s him, that bastard Ysoki! They’re known kleptos; he’s stolen it; like he did my gun.’

‘So search me,’ grinned Emile.

‘We will. Adricer and Halvara! Turn that rat upside down and shake it until something falls off or out.’

‘No. I am cargo supervisor here. There will be no —-GGGRAWKK!!’

At this point, a concentrated burst of laser fire blew Kennickie-7 apart.

‘Get out, all of you. Mister Mister has claimed this cargo; I am Number One, speaker for Mister Mister.’ The speaker was a Hacragorkan; flanked by gangers carrying laser rifles.

‘No,’ yelled Red Sonya. ‘It’s ours; I can prove it if that little rat bastard gives me the contract back. The contractor is Stew Dapples; sale of one cargo of hydrolysed emmgan to Ahone II.’

Paxx pulled out their contract from TG; one cargo of hydrolysed emmgan to Ahone II; contractor – Stew Dapples.

‘Irrelevant!’ yelled Number One. ‘It’s ours now and belongs to Mister Mister; believe me, you do not want to piss off Mister Mister.’ He pulled out a commlink and spoke briefly: – ‘Yes … Yes …. Of course. Kill them all. I understand.’

A furious firefight erupted at this point; with basically everyone shooting at any available target. Emile opened a floor vent and dropped out of sight. Borg went to challenge Number One (Hacragorkan to Hacragorkan) and got involved in a no-holds barred fist fight.

Paxx managed to reprogram CB-654 to obey him; he made it lift the cargo pallet and move it out of the cargo bay doors.

Emile, still in the ventilation ducts; decided to help Borg in the fight against Number One. He pulled open a floor shaft and the Hacragorkan crashed through. Emile had screwed up; it was Number One. Emile let off his debilitating stench and managed to escape.

Back on the “Unsinkable III”, they realised they had forgotten to get the sea-soaked carbo-pork. R4M-S3Y was not happy and as a punishment only served up a three-course supper of Salted Samlon, followed by Dish-fried Rawpisince and a dessert of Pale Glest Crusting.


GM Notes

* The first FATE Game played since 2011! (Starblazer Adventures)

It was a really good Game session; The HOG like the FATE system. Bulldogs! has been updated to Fate 3.0; I’ve got it so I’ll have a look about whether to ‘port it across.

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‘Alert alert my refrigerators.’ The voice of Captain R4M-S3Y came over the speaker from his bridge-kitchen. ‘We have a new fish-slice from TransGalaxy.
Oh god, you had me at that point.. this is going to a great tale to follow..
Thanks @Brass Jester

PS: The Stars Like Dustbins?