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Episode 1.1

3230-02.26: Zeta Reticuli

Engaged by the Shadi family to provide protection and company to Ibrahim Shadi, a dilettante and rich playboy from Gamma Leporis. He got into a fight with some of the locals and ended up killing someone. Now we had to get him off-planet fast.

Called ahead to the starport to make sure the ship would be ready; the port was about 18 hours travel away by ground vehicle. Kiyoto had checked out the local airport and decided that it was being watched.

The plan to get Shadi into a car went wrong as well, Blake and Valle ended up getting trapped by security guards; they were arguing and didn’t notice that the alarm had been tripped.

Valle took out one guard with a well-aimed rifle shot; Blake pulled his knife and jumped at the other guard; who surrendered. They took his security pass; then KO’d him. They joined up with the others and the pass was sufficient to get them out of the area.

The drive to the spaceport was uneventful and they were able to board the ship – a ‘Corco-Gamma called “Emil Johannes”, for the six-day drill to Gamma Leporis.

Twenty-four hours later; the ship was hailed by another Corco freighter; a Delta; incoming to the system. They had taken a hull breach and some crew casualties; the captain requested help in fixing the breach. Valle did an EVA to repair the breach; she had a thruster failure and it took some fast action piloting from Tomita to restore the situation. Later; Valle and Willott had a blazing row; Willott shut himself in his cabin.

3230-03.04: Gamma Leporis outer system

The ship’s computer is exhibiting erratic behaviour; it keeps returning false sensor readings and occasionally the life-support system would shut down. Valle and the ship’s engineer tried to fix the problem; the whole life-support system shut down.

The ship has a Spike-2 drive; it will take 24 hours to reach Gamma Leporis. However, they only have 14 hours air supply for the suits – the resupply got missed at Zeta Reticuli. Captain Gowar broadcast a mayday signal; five hours later a “Monarch” explorer hailed them and transferred enough air for them to reach the main world.


3230-03.05: Gamma Leporis

Captain Gowar booked the ship in to have its computer systems checked and overhauled; this would take at least two weeks.

An invitation was received for the PC’s to attend a society function; surely a mistake? No it wasn’t; it came from Ibrahim Shadi; a thank you for saving him on Zeta Reticuli. The function was held at a large mansion in the capital city. The Shadi family are major shareholders in GLC.

As they journeyed through the city; the signs of the LCD occupation were everywhere; it was only five years ago that the world was re-taken and the LCD were here for fifty years.

At the reception; they met Bisharah Shadi; Ibrahim’s mother; who thanked them for protecting her son. Now, she had a mission for them.

Some background is in order here.

A critical catalytic component of the Spike Drive is an ultra-uranic element called Chronium. It ONLY is found in asteroid belts and even then it is rare.

Asteroid mining of Chronium is difficult and dangerous; it is volatile and extremely toxic.

When LCD occupied Gamma Leporis; they instigated a program of landing Chronium-bearing asteroids onto the planet; to make mining the ore easier. This resulted in the creation of several cratered badlands areas; the air and ground is somewhat toxic.

Mission: The remains of a LCD base have been discovered on the edge of the eastern badlands. Bisharah wants them to join the investigating team. She offers basic rate of Cr 30/ day plus a bonus based on information recovered.

To be continued …..


GM Notes

Ok, that got off to an interesting, if somewhat eventful start.

I’m writing this up more as a narrative of events rather than a story as such. This might change; let’s see how the characters develop.

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