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Episode 1.2

3230-03.06: Gamma Leporis

Met with the others who would be on the expedition; four men and two women; they all worked for Multistellar Investigations. The gear was packed into two gravflyers and they set off. The PC’s shared a flyer with Bati Vural and Aya Hulusi; they were a couple and quite friendly. They had worked for Multistellar for two years.

The flight to the LCD site was a 6 hex journey from the main city (hex 15); they had to take a circuitous route to avoid the cratered badlands. They stopped over at the chronium processing plant (hex 35) to refuel the flyers.*

They arrived at the site on the afternoon of 03.09 and set up camp.

3230-03.10: Gamma Leporis, LCD ruins (hex 64)

The site was like other LCD ruins that had been researched; a central circular building surrounded by clusters of five curving structures, set in concentric rings. This site was small and only had the central building and one ring. **

Ifais Nour, (NPC) proposed that his group looked at the central structure and that the PC’s looked at the outer structures. They checked communications; all were okay.

Eight hours later, the PC’s had found very little of interest. There were many linked chambers; but most of them were empty. The tunnels led them towards the central structure; they entered into a large open area to witness a standoff between the NPC’s. Nour, another man and a woman had drawn laser weapons and were pointing them at Vural, Hulusi and another man. Nour fired his laser at Vural, who went down; the PC’s joined in the shootout.

Nour and the man were down; Vural and Hulusi had taken minor wounds; as had Valle. ***

They questioned the woman about what was going on; suddenly she exploded, killing her instantly! A bio-bomb. ****

To be continued …


GM Notes:

* 6 hexes on a Tech 4 planet is an average of 6 hours per hex (using my rules).

** Using Relics of the Lost

*** Card-driven solo combat system seems to be working ok at the moment

*** I really have no idea where this is going; which fits in nicely with my set-out objectives for this Game (don’t plan ahead.)

However – we do have a Storyline

> Who are Multistellar Investigations?

> What were Nour and his people doing and why?

> Why was she implanted with a bio-bomb?

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