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3230-03.13: Gamma Leporis

Dangan, capital city, offices of Silverlight Partnership Investments.

Meeting with Bisharah Shadi, accompanied by her PA Alain. Proposed an investigation into MSI’s local offices; all that is shown on-line is that MSI investigate ruins found on various systems. They are based on Canopus and are 100% legitimate.


Blake, Willott and Valle go into the MSI building at night; standard loadout (= 5 items). Tripped security systems almost immediately; this is no ordinary facility. Managed to escape – just!


SPI Offices

Reporting back to Bisharah; Alain (PA) exploded! – a cranial bomb. Bisharah was injured; Alain was (of course) dead.

Bisharah rushed to a private hospital; PC’s put in lockdown by private security troops; working for SPI.

All of the PC’s accepted this.* A message from Captain Gowar – The “Emil Johannes” was repaired and due to leave.


SPI Offices

Bisharah is in a motorised wheelchair. She reveals the true purpose of SPI; to investigate the exploitation of Maltech in the PHL. MSI have long been suspected; but recent events have confirmed this. MSI are a cover for a Maltech Cult.

SPI is a covert Agency; Bisharah is the head of the Agency. The PC’s are to become operatives of SPI; to investigate and ultimately thwart MSI. **

GM- this is where it all started to fall apart.

To be continued …


GM Notes:

*True! I rolled for a BAD reaction for all of them and then nothing happened (!)

** Wow! I’ve owned “Darkness Visible” for years; all of a sudden the Game has gone this way. I didn’t plan for this (of course), so let’s run with it.


Silverlight Partnership Investments (SPI)

Base: Gamma Leporis

Cover: Agricultural company


Connections 3

Infiltration 0

Mobility 4

Muscle 1

Resources 1

Security 1

Tech 0


Front Business 1

Internal Security 1

Stations 1

Starships 1

Hidden Strings 2

Transport 2

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