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Episode 1.4

3230-03.28: Gamma Leporis

Dangan, capital city, offices of Silverlight Partnership Investments.

A series of case conferences and investigations revealed that SPI knew very little about MSI; other than that they were based on Canopus; possibly had government backing (this is worrying) and were more than likely a Maltech Cult.

Activities: (Agency Turn)

1) Increase SPI Tech attribute

2) * What was at the LCD site?

* Re-investigate the MSI station on Gamma Leporis.

The PC’s were assigned to investigate the MSI site.

Blake, Valle and Willott went in, with Tomita providing remote assistance. They carried normal loads and took all reasonable precautions.

It wasn’t enough.

They got into the site and manged to download some information; however they tripped alarms and were attacked when escaping. The attackers were not the normal security guards; they were brain wiped War Soldiers! An obvious use of Maltech, indicating the Forbidden Arts element. A chase and firefight erupted; Willot was hit and went down. Blake yelled to Valle to get out; Valle stayed to cover the retreat and was also injured. Escaping the area in a car, Blake attempted to stabilise Willott using several Lazarus patches (all the ones he carried); but to no avail.*/**

Willott died on the way to hospital

Bad reaction: – Valle was good friends with Willott and rowed with Tomita; she was supposed to have been monitoring their progress and should have warned them. Valle was taken off to hospital.

3230-04.11: Gamma Leporis

Willot’s funeral. Bisharah offered to set up a trust fund for his family, but as far as they knew he didn’t have any dependants.

That evening, Tomita was mugged outside her apartment; the attacker got nothing and she was only badly shaken. The police investigated but concluded that it was just a street crime.


Valle now fully recovered. There must be something at the LCD site that MSI are looking for. Proposed second investigation; obtained some better equipment (upgraded armour to Combat Field Armour, Blake gained a laser rifle; Tomita fitted out a Stalker drone with an observation suite and a laser weapon mount.)


Stopped over at the chronium processing plant (hex 35) to refuel. Trouble! Government officials want to check papers – there is a discrepancy. Held in custody while they are checked.

* SPI used Hidden Strings element to get them cleared; but they were delayed for two days.


Observing the LCD site; MSI are here and have established a standard research base; (modular design; Hab unit, Control, Mess, Stores, Utilities, Research.) 2 x ATV’s parked; estimate 6 – 12 personnel.

Light freighter lands and unloads a colony-sized fusion generator plant.

‘What are they going to do with all that power?’

To be continued …


GM Notes

* A PC death, quite early on. As I’ve said many times; none of my PC’s has a charmed life.

** An example of the Loadout system. Blake was carrying a loadout of 5 (normal).

Combat Field Armour – 1


Knife- 1

3 reloads- 1

3 Lazarus patches- 1

This is taking me into Game territory that is totally new to me; to be honest; I’m not sure that I like the way it’s going. I’m finding it hard to reconcile Agency Turns with normal Game activity. But; if I give up now; I’ll never learn how to handle it.

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