Part 1

Hi everyone

After a foray into the 13th Age Dragon Empire (run by HOG Matt) and still undecided about the fate of Achernar ( in The Currents of Space, I decided to run a space Game for the HOG

This all came about when one of them said “what was that space game where Ben got his eye burned out by a laser thanks to Harry?’ It was Starblazer Adventures, back in 2011. I thought about resurrecting SBA but then decided to make it more seriously light-hearted and settled on Bulldogs!

Character Generation – great fun and produced a lot of laughs. I’m using Discord as there is a FATE dicebot on there. I might use Roll20 for the tactical side; undecided at the moment.


The Galaxy (a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away) was, for a thousand years, the battleground between the Saldrallan Union and the Theocracy of Deval and Kamanch. Both sides were convinced they could win; finally after one thousand years and countless shattered and destroyed systems, they made peace at the Treaty of Arusabar.

The Treaty established a neutral zone between the two protagonists. A civil war and coup overthrew the Theocracy to form the Devalkamanchan Republic of the Templari.

Now, centuries later, this is where the galaxy sits. Two great star empires, each controlling a bit more than a third of the stars in the galaxy, are separated by a broadband of unaligned planets in the Frontier Zone. Cold war. The empires aren’t satisfied, but neither is willing to make the first move. Agents and proxy governments fight among the frontier planets, while the Zone itself is a patchwork of jurisdictions that’s led to a prosperous yet wild area that’s home to opportunistic traders, freebooters, and pirates. Your home.

Your characters will be flying a Class D freighter. TransGalaxy, an interstellar shipping company, runa cargo operation they call Class D Freight. The company buys cheap ships, crews them with anyone who applies, and insures the hell out of them. These ships run high-risk cargo—hazardous or volatile materials, deliveries to hot zones or hostile planets, etc. The idea is to make good money on the deliveries that actually arrive, and to collect insurance on those that fail. The crews of these Class D ships are nicknamed “Bulldogs” because of the Class D Freight logo.

a) The HOG created their ship: –

Name: Unsinkable III

Concept: A relic from a safer time

Trouble: How is this thing still flying?

Strength: One Big f**k Off Gun!

An old battlecruiser, restored and converted to be a luxury hotel, abandoned after it struck an ice asteroid in the LV 1912 system. The main drive had been converted to docking bays but the central drive was still intact and made an effective fusion weapon.

b) The HOG created the Captain of the ‘Unsinkable III’

Name: R4M-S3Y

Concept: Ex-cook for the Captain; is now the Captain

Trouble: Always a bottle in hand

Leadership: Cold, calculating math

The loyal cook to the previous Captain; swore on his motherboard to follow the Captain’s final orders.

GM: Holds head in hands – where are they going with this? However, it does have possibilities.


This is what they came up with: – I’m not going to list every Aspect and Skill; I’m only going to give an overview. More will be revealed as the Game goes on.

Professor Paxx (Matt) – Arsubaran

Former member of the League of Extraordinary Minds/ Questionable Morals/ Apparently Species Rights Aren’t Optional

Crew: Science Guy/ Engineer

Emile (Ben) – Ysoki (from Starfinder; created via the rules)

Emile came with the ship, usually found hiding in an air duct near to the kitchen. He is stowaway; TransGalaxy don’t know he is aboard. He is an absolute bloody coward; but does know his way around the Unsinkable III. He is scared of R4M-S3Y

Borg (Harry) – Hacgracorkan

He was born in a battle somewhere; now on the run from Gladiator school. Despises the use of guns and relies on his hand to hand abilities. A brawler and unlikely to ever back down from a fight.


GM notes

OK, we have some real playable characters here – even during the creation; which they were all chipping in with ideas; I was making notes about their Aspects (Invokes and Compels.)

So, what do I have to work with?

A ship that was a luxury hotel but before that was a battlecruiser – are there undiscovered weapons? Who did the battlecruiser fight for?

The Captain is a robot whose original programming was to be a personal chef to the captain. Somehow it as assumed the role of captain; including their drinking habits – although what’s in the bottle is conjecture.

Professor Paxx

Why is he a former member of the League? What does he mean by Questionable Morals and how is this linked to the League?


A Ysoki rat (one of the best bits from the horrible Starfinder game we got involved with – never again!) I used the Alien Creation rules to create a Ysoki. Ben immediately made him a stowaway (he came with the ship) and TG don’t know he exists. He is also a bloody coward and runs and hides at the first sight of trouble.

Ok, lots to work with there. I’ve got the intro ready and have written three more Adventure outines

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