Session Reports The Tailor from Mira

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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We start on Mira, The Icon City, where else?!

What business do you each have at this most holy of cities?

Who do you meet and what happens?

High Priestess Taminasah-Buri insists that you meet “a wealthy but anonymous client requiring utmost discretion” in the Icon City. In a shabby cantina in the harbour quarter the characters meet “master Iskander,” a quiet masked man...

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"The Tailor from Mira" like the "Tailor from Panama" sees Fria Ligan leverage a plethora of popular tropes that Coriolis seems so relatable and exciting a setting despite having its own exotic space opera aesthetic. :)


The Guvnor
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We are off, doing a Bladerunner style search for a 'bionic' for a mysterious 'rich dude' in a mask and with a pseudonym.
Seems like he's Chelebs-Menau.. and our urchin is Nalaa.
After a dreadful failed Science: Nalaa tells us we seek Toyel Terrarium the biosculptor.
[He mostly does cosmetic surgery and sells pet snakes.]
After buying off some extortionists [Yillad the enforcer], we are taken to the Taylor, high in Icon City.
As we approached the Taylor's premises, we were observed by a drone deployed by the 'Order of the Pariah'..
[Tujan Recon Drone, Standard Model, High frequency comms and cameras, short range. Curently transmitting and active link.]

Intruders have arrived
5 individuals
Face scans initiated

We roll for initiative..

How will Coriolis combat work? Will we all be slag in seconds? Oooh the excitement.

Graham drops out..

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Pitching for a restart - Wednesday March 25th? 19:45?

You have changed the balance of power down on Mira. Your notoriety and reputation has grown. The Celestial Azaan may simply be a standard configuration Scarab Class light freighter, but the call sign will proceed whispered stories for good and ill.

Hello Kua system, at the heart of The Third Horizon.