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This forum is for rpg discussion and will use the thread prefixes collated by Digital Mage on UKRP.
When you post here, and nowhere else you will have to select a prefix, but don't worry, there is a [generic] and a [none]!

[There is no longer a list here since the live list is embedded in the BBS, and it's unwise to maintain 2 lists.]
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Greetings, wise Guvnor of The Tavern.

Would it be possible to add both Robert E. Howard's Conan [REHC] and John Carter of Mars [JCOM] to your list? Asking for a friend, since you already have Star Trek Adventures [STA] tagged accordingly.


The Guvnor
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I think that would be too many, and in fact I have created 2d20 accordingly. STA got in as part of a very long list of Star Trek ones. Remember, you can just prefix your subject line, so [2d20] is a thread prefix and then add [REHC] at the front of your subject line.
I just started my first thread!

I must admit, I found having select a tag/prefix a bit of a faff ESPECIALLY as the "generic" tag is at the bottom.

Two suggestions:

1) is there any way to move the generic tag to the top of the list?
2) can we have a general "Superhero" tag in the same way that there's an general "SciFi" one? (Unless you WANT to add tags for GH, SqUK, TCC, TCOTSL, TCOSS, TCOWW, TSH etc.)


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It's not BRP - they aren't linked into Chaosium in any way. If it isn't stand alone then OQ isn't either.