Is there a list of titles and what we do to 'earn' them?
It's to do with your "Trophy Points". If you click on your name/avatar on the top bar it'll show you how many you have. There is more clicking involved to find out how you get them - just hit the number and it should pop up?

I dunno if there is a list of titles you can see, but there is a list of members on the members tab and you can see what their titles are.

I assume somewhere there is an algorithm that governs it, but it might be internal logic rather than user-visible.


The Guvnor
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The list is: [now we know that Simon hates Munchkin]
  1. Novice
  2. Lay member
  3. Initiate
  4. Acolyte
  5. Rune Lord
  6. Rune Priest
  7. Demi-God
  8. Immortal
  9. Bodhisattva
  10. Transcendent
I have made it a little slower in terms of advancement, so some people may well have dropped a little.
The management reserve the right to change the title ladder and hidden underlying algorithms at any time, including removing the system.

Now I feel bad.

(Not really. I have the power to change things.)

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