[D&D] Towards a Holmesian Dungeon


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This post came out when I was down with my father the week before last and I only got around to reading it today. I think it's pretty interesting as it tries to codify the style of dungeons created from the Holmes Basic D&D rules (which I love and I know others like @Vile do too).


The post explores the explicit design elements and then those which are more implicit. It's definitely food for thought. It ends up with seven key principles.

The gentleman posting the blog appears to be a fellow traveller of @Dr Moose .
It's a great article clearly breaking down what makes a "Holmes" dungeon. I added it to my other two go-to resources based on the OD&D rules - Initiative One's Implied OD&D Setting and Philotomy's Dungeon as a Mythic Underworld. This kind of thing really helps in creating interesting adventures where dungeoncrawls are generally perceived as dull, unimaginative, and overly random. OD&D and Holmes are extremely minimalistic books, but there was a surprising amount of thought and care behind them - it's just not obvious without understanding and analysing all the knowledge of and influences on the designers. Luckily there are plenty of scholars who've done the legwork, so it's all out there for us to use.