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Just between friends......

Its the 35th anniversary of Golden Heroes this year. At UK Games Expo in May. Should I:

A) just forget that and do what I always do - whatever that is.
B ) offer to run games from my portfolio of publications - Starting with Golden Heroes. (I can't offer a session of everything because I've published more than 8.)
C) offer a little seminar based upon my "career"
D) try to organise a small meet up based on my games in the week running up to Expo in Birmingham. It IS a school holiday week I think and (eg) a meetup during the day on Thursday following with us all decamping to the Exhibiton centre for open gaming in the evening might be sweet.

I think I'm aware of just how small my "gaming footprint" in the hobby really is. So magbe I'm just posting here to get some sensible feedback before I plan to do anything TOO grandiose.
So what have people submitted and for what time slots?

Tempted to have a bash and offer a game for the first time this year but not sure what. Think I'll wait until the first batch of games are up and decide then.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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So far ...

Friday 8pm

Terror in the Tempest Hills

Others live out their lives hardly venturing beyond the lands around their village or steading, but you are different. Your vows will lead you to a life of heroism, danger, and sacrifice beyond the edges of civilised lands.

Kinsmen to the North are calling to you, Ironsworn. Horrors from the deep have surfaced and murder, strife and chaos is the result. You are to take the perilous journey North to the outermost Tempest Hills. If you make it, you must test your iron against the oldest and most evil of foes. Should you survive your legend is assured.
Was a bit late sending my events to the expo, since I just received the beta rules for the Achtung! Cthulhu Second Edition RPG this week.

And after significant perusal, yes, this is a medium/light version of 2d20, more along the lines of Star Trek Adventures in terms of fewer attributes and a less stat-heavy character sheet (though not as light or free-form as John Carter of Mars).

Those of you happy with the rule set of Star Trek Adventures but also like your Lovecraftian horror, may enjoy this update to the Savage Worlds powered Achtung! Cthulhu first edition.

I may even take this new Achtung! Cthulhu 2e for a spin at Seven Hills, if my last-minute changes make the cut-off.
One thing I noticed is that RPGs aren't listed as an Event or in What's On??

I'm sure it used to at least have a placeholder.

Probably being just paranoid as RPGs are mentioned in the Event subscriptions.

This Year plan on running so far:

Goblins: Search for a Non Cthulhu Game

A rules light system. Family Friendly game. You are Goblins. Only 4 things matter Food, Shelter. Find a Powerful Boss and Give Stuff to Powerful Boss. Strangers in a Strange Land and where to go?

Belle of the Ball


Queens Rangers come across a massacre site and follow the trail to find out the who and why.
Oh yeah, I now have my three games up. In fact, "The Curse On Wheal Lion" (Trail of Cthulhu in the 18th century) on the Friday and "After the Alchemist's Accident" (Discworld) on the Saturday are fully booked up -- but that leaves "The Day of the Clockwork Peelers" (GURPS Steampunk) on the Sunday morning with spaces available...

It's London in the Nineteenth Century, but something, you feel, has gone very wrong. Law and Order is being handed over to machines, and nobody seems quite able to understand the how and why of the business.

The five of you are folk who don't like this, and you've all shown up for a meeting called by someone as seems to think that he might have a clue what's going on these days. He might even have an idea what to do about it. Trouble is, today may just be the day when the machines stop pretending they answer to human beings for what they do - and you may end up being the ones who stand against the Law of Clockwork.

A street-level steampunk adventure of resistance to the iron hand of oppression.
Oh, yeh, mine have been up for ages:

"Falcons Peak" classic "special ops" dungeon from an old Dungeon Magazine.

I did offer the horror scenario given away free in the DragonMeet 2018 programme but no-one signed up and I need to move it. So I've doubled up on one which sold out:

"One of our Dinosaurs is Missing" a steampunk romp.

Topple off with my standard Blakes Seven and Dr Who adventures. (This time with Jodie Whittaker and friends.)
Started to see Player slots being taken on my Games which is nice.

Over half of the games are fully booked on the Event Schedule. 1 Slot left 25 Games, 2 Slots left 21 Games. 3 Slots left 21 Games. 4 Slots left 20 Games, 5 Slots left 25 Games. 30 Games with all Slots left. Finally 8 Games still to go Live.

Hopefully a last minute final booking rush will take place for those other Games.
My ‘Tales from the Loop’ (and ‘Things from the Flood’) games at UK Games Expo.

There are a few spaces available in some of the games.

Bigtrax and Magic Tricks - Friday Morning

Atomic Butterflies and Feral Buddleia - Friday Afternoon

Computer Cassettes and Crash-Test Marionettes - Friday Evening

Heatwaves and Rain-Guns - Saturday Morning

On Cloud Nine and Golden Sunshine - Saturday Afternoon

Computer Cassettes and Crash-Test Marionettes - Saturday Evening