UK Games Expo RPG booking opened

I was just looking at this. As a further heads-up, I've a suspicion that the search tool isn't working properly, as I got no results for a couple of games and then saw some when scrolling through the list (so that may be a better way to see what's there). The site overall feels like a work in progress, which is no great criticism given the speed they're putting the adapted version together.

There's a decent basic list of RPG sessions available, but not a great breadth yet, and I'm guessing that it has a bit of expanding to do.
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Yeah, they said in the Facebook announcement that they were still taking submissions. I've no idea how many people are going to 'attend', but the variation in numbers of games available at different times is quite large. There are a lot more up for Friday night than any other time, I think.

The site code and content seem to be getting daily updates, so worth checking back. With a smaller number of games to look over, the approval is happening much quicker than for a regular Expo as well.


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They may have done this too late for me, with GenCon and AlbaCon and Furnace already filling my planning mind.

On the other hand..

Please remind us of the link...