Upcoming cons - some non-gaming

So after a bit an hiaistus I’ve managed to fill my next four weekends -

Tomorrow/Sunday - the “Ministry of Steampunk” have taken over the Blist Hills Victorian village at the Ironbridge gorge at an annual event called “The Town that Never Was”. The theme this year is “War of the World’s”. I’m offering my one hour demo games in an office next door to the “Martian Expeditionary Force” and have set myself up as their training officer.

Next weekend - another Steampunk event at Steampunkalia at the Nottingham Industrial Museum.

Weekend after - the wonderful STABCON - nuff said!

And after that it’s JollyCon - the con devoted to the comedy musical pirate duo Jollyboat - Demo Games again.

Should be fun!
For those looking for more info:

The Town That Never Was
STABCON - you are either in the know or you aren't it would seem 😀

- Neil.
Thanks for sorting the links.

Stabcon - https://www.facebook.com/groups/21195645768

That’s a Facebook group set up by some of the young whipper snappers that go. It’s been going so long that the couple that organise it still use a Yahoo group to communicate. It’s not deliberately a closed group. I just turned up a few years ago and a couple of newbies seem to drift in each year.

Trouble is with us young people facebooking and blogging about it so many people turned up to one a couple of years ago it literally hit physical capacity so they’ve had to keep a close eye on numbers ever since - even though it hasn’t happened again as far as I know.

It’s mainly a board game con but TTRPGs seem to be getting healthier.

It IS unconsciously cliquey but that’s because it has a wafer thin organisation and structure. Attendees sort of organise themselves on the fly. And that takes a bit of getting used to. I tend to try to follow the usual weekend 6x4hr game slots used at other cons, but other referees may have wildly different ideas.

Somehow it works. If anyone’s ever interested just ask and I’ll find out if there are spaces.