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@negromaestro All is well - we will play lots more of it. (Please.)

Cubicle 7 Entertainment to publish Warhammer 40,000 Roleplaying

Games Workshop is pleased to announce that award-winning publisher Cubicle 7 Entertainment is to produce Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying games.

Cubicle 7 CEO Dominic McDowall said, ”Warhammer 40K is a huge chunk of our gamer DNA so we are all incredibly excited to build on the long legacy of 40K RPGs. I’ve been a 40K fanatic since the first edition, so I am absolutely delighted to bring our brand of roleplaying to this amazing setting.”

The initial range of products will be a revised reprint of the Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook and an extensive range of supplements covering exciting new areas, as well as revisiting beloved old favourites. Cubicle 7 hope that their track record of producing beautiful and immersive licensed games that capture the feel of their settings – including Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – will appeal to Warhammer 40K gamers old and new.

Cubicle 7 is working with Ulisses’ Wrath & Glory design team to deliver the titles already planned for the game. Ulisses will continue to publish the German language edition of Wrath & Glory, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar roleplaying games, in partnership with Cubicle 7.

Cubicle 7’s new license comes on the back of a year of enormous growth for the company, with a huge increase in staffing and capability to deliver its range of best-selling game lines.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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I'm going to wait for : "The initial range of products will be a revised reprint of the Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook " and see if they have tidied up and made comprehensible. Do I still have my son's miniatures?
I'm going to wait for : "The initial range of products will be a revised reprint of the Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook " and see if they have tidied up and made comprehensible. Do I still have my son's miniatures?
I almost bought a collector's edition but (a) it was too expensive and (b) I learned the art of zenith and patience.

Pretty happy with the Cubicle 7 modern homage to the first edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay so I got their rare leather WFRP4e collector's edition in thanks.

That reminds me, does any one wish to purchase the regular WFRP4e from me?
Bloody Hell, Dominic McDowall and the team and Cubicle 7 sure now how to do Warhammer 40,000 right.

After securing the license from the former team of Ulisses North America, you can already see the difference in the artwork for the better.

For example, the original Inquisitor Acolyte in the Wrath and Glory core rulebook looks just too subdued on the left (scanned book image so got directions reversed).
In contrast, on the right, we have the Cubicle 7 version of the same Inquisitorial Acolyte, all fierce and ready to eviscerate heretics.
She basically screams "The Emperor protects".

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Horribly appealing.
Remind me what the game system is like...
D6 dice pools, like the popular "Blades in the Dark" and "Wordplay" but with funky WH40K names.

So you roll about 10d6 dice and, maybe, need to beat a difficulty 3.

On each single roll, the low numbers are fails, 1,2,3 while the high numbers, 4,5, are successes, the 6, being extra special worth double success.

It also borrows the idea of "Momentum" from Modiphus and similar systems.

So if you rolled too many successes on that 10d6 against Difficulty 3, you can save some successes for later use.

Weapons do fixed damage, so you only roll dice for added flavour if your attack is successful. And just like Modiphus" Momentum, those extra saved dice from previous rolls can be spent for extra damage flavour.
Oh, yes! Because this is the grimdark far future, in every dice pool rolled, you must substitute one d6 with a wrathful d6 of a different colour.

Dare you roll a "1" on this bad d6 and The Emperor's wrath or GM's machinations, will let the foul universe do terrible things to your character.
So I have three favorite publishers now.

(1) Fantasy Flight Games
(2) Modiphus Entertainment
(3) Cubicle7

And both FFG and C7 share Warhammer Fantasy and 40K, with FFG introducing it to me, and C7 for making it great again.

Modiphus has all my favorite childhood stories turned role playing games:

Robert E. Howard's Conan,
Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek,
Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars,
Frank Herbert's Dune.

Nirvana has been achieved. O:)
Back to praising The God Emperor for making the revised Wrath and Glory a reality.


From left to right, front to back:

Jiao Abaijan, Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, is determined to maintain the purity of the Gilead system in the absence of the Emperor’s light – in this instance, by pulverising an Ork with her thunder hammer.

Zaire Obasi Varonius, a minor dynast of a noble Rogue Trader house, watches Jiao’s back with his twinned needle pistols. If he survives this mission, the exploits of this rag-tag warband might make his name as a defender of the Gilead system (and maybe make him a small fortune too).

Phea Osowicz has found herself in a similar predicament; after travelling from Mars to the Gilead in search of archeotech, the Tech-Priest found herself trapped by the Great Rift. She now lends her technological knowledge and volkite blaster to this warband as she searches for the secrets that could unlock a way back home."

Invictor Braham, a Primaris Intercessor of the mysterious Absolvers chapter fires his bolt rifle point blank into a heretic. Due to the low number of Astartes in the isolated Gilead system, they frequently find themselves operating as kill teams, on solo missions, or accompanying groups such as this one.