Welcome to Roleplay Relief

Welcome to Role Playing Relief!

The idea is simple, we produce one or more Tabletop Role-playing Game products/books and sell them to raise money for Comic Relief - particularly Red Nose Day 2019.

Ancillary benefits:

1) promoting this wonderful hobby in the UK. Giving potential new players an easy, fun, way to start.
2) acting as a catalogue/portfolio of the TTRPG community and talent in this country
3) having some bloody good laughs along the way.

Current model:

Three books

1) a small paperback book containing a full set of OSR TTRPG rules, dungeons, advice etc. Aim, to attract and introduce more people into the hobby.
2) a small paperback book containing fun TTRPG content for existing hobbyists.
3) a deluxe hardback book containing all of the above content.

If you're a content provider with a proven track record who is willing to donate some of your time and work to this project, please get in touch.
Simon - i only just found this, as your original Comic Relief 2019 thread just said "this forum" and didn't mention you'd relocated the thread! I had to use the search function to find this (once I'd twigged the original had a redirect on it).

Ok, so I'm known as Dr Bob in gaming circles.
My initial inclination would be to submit a scenario... or to do maps/floorplans for other people's scenarios. I have zero interest in high fantasy or Pathfinder/D&D.

  1. What are the deadline/s for submitting stuff?
  2. How do we deal with licensed properties? Not just tv/movie stuff (Dr Who, Star Trek) but any and all games which are not OGL? Basically if I wrote a GURPS adventure or a Traveller adventure, do we need permission from GURPS/Traveller bods? I'm happy to write system agnostic stuff, but that might confuse beginners!
  3. Does anyone have a list of all the games which are OGL? Presumably part of the page count would have to be the licenses (in really small font!)
  4. Can the folks here who have written their own systems and are happy for them to be used, please say so.
  5. Are we wanting some sort of 'shared universe' vibe for the book? Everyone doing stuff for a particular setting? Or do we want as diverse a remit as possible?
21st August. Material is starting to come in. I'm currently downloading it all. When I've got it in one place, I'll drop it into Dropbox and let contributors (I think that's only Stronty Girl) here take a look at it. This week hopefully. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it ATM - fighting the urge to lose myself in reading it all.
Update 9th September:

8th September was the date for delivery of articles. This is what we’ve currently got/not got:

The Beginners Book –
Intro to RPGS – not delivered by original author. I’ve drafted something for this.
The d6 Hack – system finished. Almost finished the rewrite to tie in with the Intro and Scenario
Simple Introductory Scenario – drafted. In need of a full write-up
Glossary of Game terms – complete and delivered. Being proof-read.
Era: Lyres full RPG – awaiting download
The Goblins in the Pie Shop – awaiting download – I’m considering switching this to the Expert/funny book unless the rewrite makes it perfect for newbies.
History of RPGs - delivered and awaiting proofing
RPG genres – delivered – awaiting proofing
Indie/Story games chapter – not delivered yet.

Expert book:
Chapter on liveplay - received awaiting proofing
One dice Scenario seeds received – awaiting proofing
One dice starter set – awaiting downloading
Humerous lovecraft scenario received. Awaiting proofing. Full permission from system publisher re: licence.
Chapter on publishing received – currently being proofread
Complete Map and Scenario – need to check system license. Awaiting proofing.
Funny Goblin scenario received. Awaiting proofing and needs map drawn professionally.
Cthulhu Leagues of Adventure scenario received with publishers permission to use – I think. (To check)
Complete vampire apocalypse game received permission to use accompanying artwork.

World map received but no suggestions as to use or renaming.
Savage Worlds scenario not yet received. No confirmation from publisher re: licence.
Producing scenario materials chapter, not yet received
Courtly behaviour chapter no yet received
“Tales from the Loop” scenario not received. No confirmation from publisher re: licence.
Indie games chapter not yet received.
Roleplaying with children chapter not yet received.

My thoughts:
I’ll start to chase promised but late deliveries.
If we haven’t received scenarios for systems we haven’t received confirmation of licence for, I’m minded to just forget them.
We need people to start proofing and peer reviewing the contributions so far.
I’ll pu together the beginners book and write fill-in materials for any gaps I see in it.