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After a couple of months of real life stuff getting in the way ran the second scenario of my Delta Green campaign. Used "The Woodson Pond", one of many adventures authored by the prolific Michael LaBossiere. Did some re-writing to get rid of the generic Lovecraftian elements (you receive a letter from an old college chum....). Sent the PCs off to investigate the disappearance of a DG friendly "money man" who'd vanished while investigating a real estate investment opportunity. They discover an overgrown, all but abandoned tract of land, inhabited by something brought back from the Pacific by a WW2 US navy pilot. His account of being shot down and surviving alone on a desert island turns out not not to be the full story by a long way...
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At the Edinburgh Indie Group last night we did session 0 of what is planned as a short campaign (6 sessions maybe?) of Bite Marks, which is basically Werewolf PbtA.

We're playing the pack that claims Skye, drawn from generations of the native population and facing incursions of both the mundane and supernatural kind. Should be dramatic, given the tensions we've built between the characters.
We played a pick-up game of For the Honor this afternoon, starting with 10' tall clockwork golems threatening a rural community on the edge of the conflict between The Legions and The Rebellion: one agent of each faction came to observe and had a minor skirmish which set the scene for diplomatic shenanigans in the palace of the effected Kingdom later.

The Rebellion agent chased the Legion agent over the rooftops of the palace, not realising that the latter had already arrived at a diplomatic relationship with the ruler of the Kingdom! One tense conversation later, all those present joined forces to fight the golems and take them down, though the Legion's agenda was to study them and see if they could be used as weapons against the Rebellion...

This was awesome for a pick-up game and we all really enjoyed it immensely: it has a sharp focus on characters and relationships, with the fantastic adventures merely being grist for the mill. :)
Our planned game was cancelled this evening, so those of us who were left around decided to play I Choose You!, my no-it's-not-Pokémon game: this also go interrupted, but we did manage to play for over an hour, at least...

In that time, Lex the Trainer arrived at the dark, spooky mansion his grandparents called home, with his Plant, Fairy and Shadow themed monster-pets in tow, where they immediately ran into a "No Monster Pets" rule on an embroidered sampler. Cunningly using a bedsheet to disguise the pets as a friend in a spooky costume mood, they all then sat through an awkward family dinner, made even more awkward by the Fairy pet climbing into a spooky old doll and making it dance...

Later, in his guest bedroom after dinner, Lex got his pets to investigate the curse that was laid upon the house & family long ago and they tried to have a séance... badly. Lex stumbled through a secret door, down an old chute into the cellar, that also split into two and thus separated them into two teams...

While the game got interrupted at that point, it did give me plenty to write about for an updated version of the rules, and two of the players had come up with three new pet-types! An Evolved version of the rules will be forthcoming; I hope it turns out to be super effective!
Just finished chargen for Bulldogs! with the HOG. Write-up will be on Uncanny Worlds, but we had a lot of fun and the Players have come up with some brilliant ideas that fit the theme perfectly.
They played Starblazer Adventures back in 2011 and had great fun, so when someone said 'What was that space game where Ben got his eye burned out by a laser thanks to Harry?', I was going to resurrect SBA but then thought 'No, let's be a little more seriously light-hearted' and dug out Bulldogs!


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We finished the first mystery in @dr_mitch's Vaesen campaign last night. Family matters delayed me so I crashed in a bit like a bull in a china shop. However, as my character had helpfully got nicely zoned out on opium previously in the session, it was taken as his recovery, possibly with the help of other substances.

I love the gentle feel of the setting; there's cold darkness as well, but it's not the Lovecraftian existential horror that's so common. I also like the "sometime in the 18th-century" blurring of the setting; unlike the Grognardia blog(*), I think the blur adds to the feel as you end up with a broader palette to draw from. I don't see the need to be *that* specific or historically accurate.

The experience system gives a feeling of growth. After three sessions, I've accumulated enough for two talents (or skill points) increases, and I'm most of the way towards the next one. We've also got a number of points banked towards upgrading the Castle which is our base in Upsala.

I'll end that I'm loving the interaction of the characters; having Joolz as my very knowing servant is fun (and I think he's also really in control). I was worried at first that @nclarke's lower-class Hunter was distanced from his middle-class betters(**), but we're slowly coming together now as a group. The dark secrets are showing a little; mine is perhaps more obvious than the others. It's interesting that they can actually be pretty dark and nasty and - as a result - may need careful roleplaying in conventions.

(**)Some of the character archetypes can be revolutionaries, which would also be fun, especially with 1848 and then the rise of communism. In my Furnace game, @dr_mitch kindly let me have our four characters and I added a vagabond as a bit of a bridge between the groups (think Baker Street boy, links to the hunter and the detective as a starter).​

Overall, the game is a delight. I enjoyed running it at Furnace, and definitely encourage you to get it to the table, either as a player or a GM.
Just had session 2 of a short campaign of Bite Marks, the PbtA game of werewolf drama. So much drama going on between the characters, both PC-PC and PC-NPC (and apparently off-screen NPC-NPC) that after hanging up the zoom call my hands were trembling.

A northern pack has arrived in Skye from the Summer Isles, driven out by some terrifying force they will only refer to as "The North Wind", and started to throw their weight around. Our pack is on the edge of disintegration, due to the ongoing fallout from out old Alpha being overthrown and banished by his mate, and the return of a former member causing consternation with those who stayed behind. Oh, and there was something about a bridge club in the village hall, and a micro-distillery at the castle. And the old grey-maned mysterious wise wolf/man who's breakfast consisted of four pints of heavy and a rum chaser.

It plays like an inward focused Monsterhearts. I don't know if that makes sense, but where the drama and the moves in Monsterhearts drive the characters apart, in Bite Marks it pushes them closer together. Uncomfortably close together, but that's kind of the point.

A good one to get my hippie-indie-touchie-feelie side out before going to blow some stuff up in Traveller tomorrow.
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