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Qin went well tonight.
Despite me panicking my head off all afternoon that it would be underprepared and a mess.

I need to sit down and just do some system testing alone and then write a slew of standard NPCs.. and decide their tactics.
We played Masks yesterday and kicked off with the teens going on a roadtrip to the coastal resort of Poseidon City; of course their plans were subverted by an old nemesis calling out the team leader to fight him. Being a Legacy though, he just called his dad to sort it out; naturally, it was all a trap, as our nemesis had recruited a couple of other villain's whose combined powers could take down anyone of that legacy!

Being a living plastic Newborn, I was able to catapult our Legacy up to the fight at rooftop height, while our Beacon just kind of flip-phased her way up, armed with two rapid-firing paint guns and two tanks of paint (blue & orange, obviously.) I stayed at ground-level as the Legacy's dad crashed through a building, and stepped in the way of the energy blasts which were draining his powers.

We wrapped the fight in a couple of turns, leaving most of us shaken and bruised from the conflict: one of the things about Masks is that you can take non-heroic actions (e.g. running away, destroying stuff) to clear negative conditions, leading to my favourite quote of the game: "If I make out with your dad, does that count as 'getting easy relief'?"
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One problem I've run into with the WFRP Enemy Within campaign, is that right at the start the players have a flier offering Employment by the Crown Prince.

It's just a game opened as a reason to be together. By the time the players reach that destination he's long-left and there's plenty of other things going on with more lucrative means of employment.

Trouble is my players want to track him down and follow him :eek: which would derail the campaign
As a current player in the Enemy Within, I'd dearly love it if I could find a more lucrative offer of employment. The prospect of impersonating one who was my absolute double (an unsolved mystery as to why that came about), and claiming 20,000 crowns and a manor did not work out well.
Today I played Cut Out & Keep, a nostalgic storygame based on some of my own experiences growing up in the pre-internet era when images of people you were attracted to or wanted to be like were hard to come by, and you might need to hide them in your sock drawer if you didn't want other people in your household to find them...

It's a lovely, thoughtful, slow paced game that I would still only play with people I trust, like my online besties, but we all really enjoyed it and the experiences of finding our identities through play; this is the final playstate we ended on.
Weekly Tuesday afternoon session of Skyraiders of the Floating Realms saw us gain a new character, the Great Wizard Gilbby Whitt (as played by Sean Varney) and more malarky aboard the sky pirate ship The Yellow Handmaiden.

Tea and buns were had with Captain Purple Beard, who revealed a falling out with fellow skyship captain T'errick Johanson over a matter of an ill-timed shape change (Man to Woman) during a previous tea ceremony, at the point where T'errick was pouring tea and asked: "Shall I be mother?". After the characters had successfully told him the directions to the Treasure Isle of Captain Ravage, without letting him look at their map, they went back on deck, with the idea of spending the rest of the day preparing for landfall which Purple Beard expected to be in the early evening. Instead ended up taking Tea with the adventuress Lady Scarlet who wanted them to meet her visitor, who had just arrived in a sky dingy from another skyship. Lady Scarlet was entertaining one Lady Terresa, a lady of fine repute who despite being one of Capt Johanson's crew, is welcome on board because she is good company for Scarlet, who tires quickly of the oafish antics of the sky pirate crew. As Scarlet popped to the ship's galley at the other end of the ship to see what had happened to the order of cakes she had ordered to go with the tea, Lady Terresa revealed herself to be a transformed Capt Johanson! He quickly offered them safe passage to the Treasure Isle, at no cost (he's just in it for the adventure), but the characters had to come with him quickly and sneak onto his dingy and return to his ship the Flying Circus. The characters politely declined, saying that they were enjoying the voyage on the pirate skyship, especially the Tea and Buns, despite the constant threat of having their throats cut. Lady Scarlet then returned and shooed the characters out of her quarters so she could have a right old gossip with Lady Terresa. The characters politely bowed out and led by the Great Wizard (who had just woken up on the ship after a bender at ship's previous port, Black Dog Isle), decided to steal the dingy and sail to the Treasure Island their own.

So that's what they did and as bold as brass nicked the boat before the crew had the chance to question it. So off into the blue skies, they sailed, with Boris the Bear, working out how to sail the dingy, along the sky lane ( an invisible magical route that all sky ships sail between the sky islands). But patrolling the island at a distance, was a metal plated hell ship of the Ebons, a dark-skinned humanoid race from the time that the sun went out! Knowing of their evil reputation, and ill will towards other races, the characters decided to give them the slip in such a cunning way that they would head off to find the Yellow Hand Maiden. This they successfully did, giving them the runabout and hiding in some clouds. A couple of hours later they emerged and carried on their way. The session ended with them seeing the foreboding sight of the Treasure Island of Captain Ravage just on the horizon.

Sunday just gone I got in a four hour one shot of River Heaven called This is not an Exercise. The characters were new hands on a merchant vessel, who spend most of the trip being entertained in Virtual Reality by the ship's AI Arnold with the rest of the crew. The first part of the adventure was a mystery that took place in VR, with the final act of the adventure being back in the ship. I had fun as did the players, but I've worked out what stumps me when I run Sci-Fi. That unlike fantasy I can't just make shit up on the fly, there has to be a very solid and credible sense of logic. I'll be taking that forward, and not felling as on edge when I GM Sci-Fi games in the future :)
Another one shot that might hopefully get a few more sessions; today I ran Apps, my work-in-progress Powered by the Apocalypse game of modern ghost stories. After choosing the 'Ghost Hunters' set-up, the players picked the Authority, Revenant & Sleuth playbooks, so I started in media res with them caught inside a condemned Christian school, trying to deal with the ghost of child, as the demolition started 8 hours early. They barely escaped, with the ghost still on the loose, so after touching base at the Bureau of Anomalous Engagement, the Sleuth returned to the scene to see if they could question the ghost directly.

Being a PbtA game, there was a lot of failing forward: the Sleuth nearly got possessed by the ghost and was only saved by the timely arrival of the Revenant to rip the ghost away from them... then the Sleuth berated the Revenant, as they had been so close to getting answers, so the Revenant agreed to put the ghost back in them! The Authority gave this plan her approval and scouted the demolition site to make sure they would not be disturbed, but got lost on the way back and stumbled upon a maverick exorcist in the ruins.

The Revenant tried to 'reinstall' the ghost child in the Sleuth, but failed utterly, with their soul leaving their own body in the process; the Sleuth went to find their boss and walked into the middle of a stand-off between the Authority and the exorcist, who turned out to be much more powerful than expected! The Authority had to take them down with their service weapon, but was too late to prevent the exorcism from being completed, which resulted in the Revenant's spirit being banished from the site! Cutting their losses, the Sleuth and Authority stumbled back to the place where they had left the Revenant's uninhabited body, only to find out it had gone... you can see why I want a second session of this!
Just ran session 11 of The Dracula Dossier, this evening. Dark dealings in Philadelphia as the agents attempt to steal Stoker's notes from the Rosenbach museum and encounter some shady individuals who may work for the Caldwell Foundation. A lot of threads to keep track of at the moment.


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Played WHFRP4 today, as we meandered around Bogenhafen. I'm enjoying the players and the desperate flailing of our merry band of urchins. We keep on approaching the plot and then it runs away from us. We've a serious discussion next session about whether we get the hell out of Bogenhafen, which makes sense as it's dangerous and there are bad things happening, or do we stay and avoid running from plot?

I don't like the system. I know it's grim and perilous, and that's the vibe of the game, but it doesn't seem to love the players. And it's fiddly. Maybe it's because I come at this having run a lot of Stormbringer which is dark and perilous with bright vibrant colours and moderately competent characters (at least in Elric! and Stormbringer 5).

Last time I played this was the original Enemy Within, and our campaign ended at Bogenhafen as it all went horribly wrong. I have a terrible feeling of deja vu...
Started a game of Night's Black Agents: Solo Ops with @Ceramic Badger on Sunday.

Took me ages to clip out all the cards from the PDF and import them to Roll20. My top tip for building a Roll20 deck this way: paste all the card fronts into a fixed size outline do that all your cards end up the same size. If you don't, Roll20 makes odd decisions about the display size.

It's the first time I've done one-to-one roleplaying, and I'm finding it a little strange. Seems quite intense and direct. We only played about an hour, so I guess things will settle down as we get used to it.