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Ran a double-episode session of InSpectres for ConDamned this morning: a team of supernatural investigators based in Barry Island (because they couldn't afford Tracy Island) first had to deal with an annual outbreak of Clownvid-19 turning the populace into clowns, by weaponising custard pies and the art of mime; then in episode two, they fought the Rise of the Fast Food Gods by starting a healthy food franchise and spreading a rumour about their rivals' ice-cream machines.
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Two new systems in the last week, plus one old.

Continuing my Pirates of Drinax campaign, the PCs have finally finished the first adventure and are off to do some sight-seeing in the Trojan Reaches, with maybe a side-order of breaking and entering.

Started a new game of Night's Black Agents: Solo Ops, running for @Ceramic Badger. Second session this Sunday afternoon, interested to see how Layla Khan gets on.

Played in a Masks game this evening at the Edinburgh Indie Games group, first time I've tried it. It was good fun, and we're going to try and set up another session to explore the characters and the game a bit more.

My year so far (chart not as neat as @First Age, I'm sorry):
I haven't remembered how many sessions of each, but RPGs played this year. Asterisk = more than one session.

13th Age Glorantha
Ashen Stars*
Dark Streets
Dark Trails
Delta Green*
D&D 5e Curse of Strahd*
Fate Wolf's Head
Mythras: Mythic Babylon
Romance of the Perilous Land
Runequest: Adventures in Glorantha*
The Revolution Machine (Gumshoe)
Tachyon Squadron (Fate)
Tales from the Loop
Trail of Cthulhu
Trail of Cthulhu: Cthulhu Apocalypse* (it's sufficiently different to count as something else for me)
WFRP 4e*
Yellow King RPG
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Playing Savage Worlds in ConDamned (right now, actually: the joy of breaks in online games!) where I'm part of a group of goblinoids tasked with infiltrating the Necromancer's stronghold on the eve of the war between the forces of good & evil... I can't see anything going wrong here!

Edit: everything blew up and we crispy fried a giant spider. Job done!
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Finished ConDamned with Troublemakers, my nearing-publication PbtA game of kids' adventures; the quest for a missing cat turned into a series of emotional upheavals among the kids as they got each other into trouble with the adults they relied on. We ended on a bit of a cliff-hanger, with the cat being reunited with it's owner, but revealing that it could talk... thanks to Arno, Wendy & Derek for playing, and to Jolie for being the substitute Wendy for the last part of the game.
Currently running WFRP4e on a Monday night. Playing Kult: Divinity Lost on a Tuesday night and some Liminal on an ever shifting day of the week.

Also busy putting some more work into my RPG in order to get it ready for Kickstarter.
I have never done so much gaming

Tuesday - currently GenLab Alpha
Wednesday - biweekly Symbaroum
Thursday - Qin and some one shots
Saturday - just about to start Blades in the Dark at the unearthly hours of 09.00am
Saturday - Mage20 in the evening, although that'll be periodic
Sunday - Star Trek Advenures, coming to the end of Season Two

Also been running Nights Black Agents: Solo Ops too.

75 games so far this year. That's ridiculous.

Currently running Genlab Alpha on Tuesdays, and D&D (Eberron Oracle of War) on Thursdays - and doing plenty of one-shots too. First time running a game on Stream last week, first time as a player this Saturday (playing Delta Green - Shane Ivey is one of the other players!) - I am currently at a paltry 69 games this year.

Genlab Alpha is proving the exact opposite of the grim Dark One Ring I was running before, and D&D is a different kind of awesome as 2 players new to the game get to grips with it.
This week I started running Monsterhearts, using the custom skins here: we set up the characters as college students rather than high school students, however, because we wanted a slightly more mature game.

The players chose to be:
A Chrysalis tackling gender issues
A Custodian who just wants to be left alone because their vicious spirit guardian eats anyone who gets too close
A Technomancer fusing together ancient occult practices they found on the internet
A Ghost who has been at the college for over a century and whose name is part of college traditions
And a Condemned who has already died several times (including being eaten by the spirit guardian) but just comes back on another timeline

They share an old house that has a rather dark backstory and an enigmatic letting agency, and they chose upstate Washington for the college location to place them on the boundary of the city and the wilds. I'm super excited to see what they get up to!

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Our Pathfinder 2e campaign continues with more Magnimar based discovery as the heroes uncover more about the underworld, the shadowy Forever Man and the truth of the Nidalese slavers.

They had plenty to talk about in the Scattered Falcons Inn.

Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 22.59.54.png

They also ran into this group of reprobates:


They found out a clutch of other rumours about raids out in Nybor and mutterings about Viperwall.

More next time...
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Rune Priest
Last night ran a game of Hostile via Google Hangouts. Certain amount of trepidation of my part as this was my first game via the internet and I'd not GM'ed for a while. The scenario was a bog standard effort from Challenge magazine originally intended for Leading Edge Games' old Alien rpg. I didn't want anything too elaborate while I got to grips with the tech: PCs encounter ship drifting in space transmitting an SoS signal. On boarding they find the crew are all dead and the Xenomorphs are in residence. After one bruising encounter with a Xeno the characters did the sensible thing, scuttling the ship and doing a bunk. It all went surprisingly well, especially the technical side. I think internet gaming might be the new normal for me.
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Had quite a busy year with gaming so far, which really picked up after lockdown and playing up to 3 times a week.

So far:
- Finished playing in Pulp Cthulhu - Two Headed Serpent campaign, which was a lot of fun.
- Ran a short campaign of Band of Blades - which I felt was too much hard work, leaning far too heavily on improv for my tastes which ended up a bit stressful
- Ran Tomb of the Iron God in Whitehack 2e
Played in a short Symbaroum campaign. My first time as a player, but have ran it before. My opinion of it hasn't changed, a great setting let down by a slightly crappy system.
- Played in one-shots of Call of Cthulhu and Troika - both great.
- Ran The Enemy Within Pt1 in WFRP4e, which was a lot of fun. The campaign was a little on the railroady side so needed a bit of work, but players really enjoyed it. Quite liked the system, a little hard work at first, but it soon starts ticking along smoothly.

- Playing in Call of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep. It's started in Peru, rather than NY, so I guess the GM is running one of the new bits from the new edition, either way really enjoying it.
- Running an Old School Essentials / D&D B/X game for some old school friends using Castle Xyntillan as the base but weaving other stuff in there as well e.g. Winter's Daughter. So far it's going really well with 6 enthusiastic players including my brother for the first time in 26 years.
- Played in a short Symbaroum campaign. My first time as a player, but have ran it before. My opinion of it hasn't changed, a great setting let down by a slightly crappy system..
I've been running it for two and a half years now. The PCs are at the 230-50 XP level and the higher level spells are ... well ... uhm... I hate to use the B-word, but they are. Totally B. Master Level Maltransformation, RAW, with a relatively competent Mystic, renders most combats null and void. Shame, because the setting is absolutely top notch and the campaign is brilliant


The Guvnor
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I've been pondering for a while what system might be a good fit to run the Symbaroum setting. I wonder if Forbidden Lands might work.
Mythras with Corruption.
The role of guilds, ordos, church factions, pacts, brotherhoods would be a perfect fit as would the terrifying power of the some of the citizens of the Davokar.. these ain't your usual elfs.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Friday eve brings us family @paizo #Pathfinder2e with us returning to an ancient tomb that has secrets of the mystic portals, gifts of the goddess Alseta. Also some nasty monsties. We'll be diving right in!


And with a fizz and a pop they have used their Portal Key, even as the orc army was starting to march towards them from the Underdark. With a dramatic failure they were plunged into darkness...