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Just wrapped up an initial foray into Mutant Year Zero as GM - we'll return later this year. It's been terrific, really love this one, evocative rule set and so many tools to create content for the GM with everything playing to the setting's tone and feel. Now playing a between wars Golden Age supers game (HERO System). Not my usual genre, but having fun so far.
Our Earthdawn Season 1 Campaign is coming to the Season Finale Sunday. We are trying to get the Blood Elves of Blood Wood to join the Free People of Throal against the Tyranical Therans. Yep we have to try and take down a named Horror to get the Blood Elves to trust us. By the Passions we are royally screwed.

The after Expo onto a D&D 5E Home Brew Campaign. Not much is known GM making all Characters (Race and Class is all we know at the moment). Looking forward in playing a amnesiac character.
On Tuesday evening I ran the first of probably two or three sessions of Monsters & Magic. We very rarely play fantasy, so this is quite a change of pace for us.

The system is interesting: 3d6 roll plus a few modifiers with anything over the target number either acting as points of damage or creating "effects." Getting the hang of these is probably the trickiest part, as there are a few examples (pushing someone back in combat, manoeuvring to advantageous terrain, upstaging a rival at court etc) but I suspect they only really shine once you get creative with them. A fun start, given my typical bumbling through any unfamiliar system.
Just finished a first playtest of a friend's Feng Shui 2 con game. This is the third of this series that I've played, and they are pretty good fun. Coming soon to a Tabletop Scotland near you...

After Expo I'm hoping to get a Mongoose Traveller playtest in that evening slot, for the game I'm offering at the aforementioned convention. With luck I can persuade the group into a regular Trav campaign, giving me an excuse to buy Pirates of Drinax...

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Slightly stop-start due to my other life pressures, but I am running The Shadows of Esteren with the weekly Thursday group. We have finished the Prologue trilogy of scenarios and now moving onto an investigation across the border into Gwidre and then we have the Dearg campaign to play out. Nice setting, with a fairly simple and brutal system.

I'm starting a gentle wind up to running Coriolis on alternate Tuesdays over the wire, which I am looking forward to immensely. I like the tweaks made to the Year Zero engine for this alternative space opera.
I am currently playing Night's Black Agents, which reminds me, I have to look up the Middle-East expert, probably spy and definite scourge of StJohn Philby to find out if she was from Yorkshire. I'm fairly sure who ever we are talking to at the moment is a vampire, but only out of character.

When that ends I've said I will run a bit of Mage: The Ascention from the 25th anniversary edition.

I was thinking of setting it in Edinburgh as I know the city quite well and I had a moment of inspiration when I came across Warehouse 13 on t'elly. So I'm thinking of having the PCs pressganged into a Warehouse 13 style organisation which is tolerated by the traditions and the technocracy because they do the important job of cleaning up after run-away magics/philosophies.


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Season 2 of my D&D 5e Faerun game has now clocked up 3 sessions of increasingly fey weirdness as I have transplanted Dolmenwood plonk into the North of the Savage Coast, replacing Lurkwood. Mushrooms, drune, ley lines, standing stones, mushrooms, pschedelics, frost elfs, goatmen, and an OSR style hex crawl in a sandbox. It's getting freaky and we are having fun. The PCs are back to four with the arrival of Sir Gale the tabaxi [grimalkin] paladin, and for now they are trapped in a weird creature that is a house.. with no doors.. that just wants to love them.. f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Enjoying @DMGuy Return of Dragons D&D 5e campaign with @pedr and @doggetay, but it's often badly distrupted as he's a junior doctor on shifts.

@Vodkashok ran an excellent WW1 flyers with magic fighting the Blood Emperor of Prussia with magic and dragonets using FAE last Sunday and we are going to play the next 2 parts of the trilogy when we can schedule.

Symbaroum has been a bit paused but it'll be dark and perilous when we return next week, I am sure.
Done two sessions of The Darkening of Mirkwood at MK RPG. Actually, that's been half a session of character generation and one and a half sessions of the somewhat generic Kinstrike and Dark Tidings adventure from Tales from Wilderland.

The sessions are a bit slow, what with the bulk of the adventure being a talky investigation, but it seems to be going OK so far. Next session will be the final battle, and then it's time to move into the campaign proper. I'm looking forward to taking the adventure seeds given in the campaign book and expanding them out into something a bit more meaty.
Did a session of my Celtic myth Monkey hack at the Edinburgh Indie Meetup on Saturday, it went down pretty well I think. One of the players asked if I had any other adventures for it, so that's a good sign.

Planning to run either Dogs (generic DitV) or spoken word Ribbon Drive the next time I facilitate at the meetup.

Flying down to Brum tonight for Expo, offering a selection of the games I've been carting around cons the last few years. The Celtic myth Monkey hack, some Manifold, some Fate, Is It A Plane (superhero drawing RPG) and NoirWorld. Should be a good weekend, looks like all but one or two have enough players pre-booked to run.
Heady game times.
  • Doesn't feel that long ago that we finished off playing season 7 of Dr Mitch's The One Ring epic based on Darkening of Mirkwood. The whole Fellowship has evolved deeply since I last reflected on my Wood Elf Míriel's character arc at the back end of Season 3.
  • Played in 3 fab games at North Star with varying degrees of system affinity:
    • Elysium Flare (Fate) was most accessible for my playing preferences, kindly presented by @paulbaldowski
    • I'm getting used to funky Genesys dice, courtesy of Android, run by @ottomancer
    • But I'm not warming to 2d20, which I tasted by way of John Carter, thanks to @negromaestro
  • Also ran a couple of games at North Star, which seemed to go well:
    • Cthulhu Dark may well be my favourite GMing experience at a con to date, with a pukka cohort of players slumming it in cyberpunk Mumbai (thank you Howard Bishop, John Ruddy, Lynn Yin, Melanie Hunt).
    • Took InSpace (based on InSpectres) for a spin, exploring the mysteries of space with another creative and resourceful crew (cheers Declan Feeney, Jack Slinger, Jason Bratley, Melanie Hunt)
  • Kicked off the Tales from The Brink series last night at my LFGS, Patriot Games. It jumps off the Cruel Britannia scenario I offered at Seven Hills (yep, the post-Brexit one), using Apocalypse World 2. Session 0 rocked - my players have absolutely given us a world in ruin that's going to be so much fun to explore.
  • In a few minutes @First Age kicks off Session 0 of a new Coriolis series, which I'm very excited about.
  • A new local theatre has started up a monthly Sunday gaming session. I'm looking to run and play some one shots there, and it could become a regular thing, balancing with Go Play Leeds / Manchester and the Garricons.
After that, I'm hoping to slip into a groove of running 4-6 session series every couple of months, again at Patriot FLGS.
  • Comrades ("A Revolutionary RPG" that's Powered by the Apocalypse) is definitely one for that cycle.
  • And maybe I'll get a chance to reboot the Unknown Armies 3 campaign with @dr_mitch and @pedr , plus [insert name here]
Outside of that, Season 8 of TOR beckons, as do Alien Cinematic and Curse of Strahd (both run by @Dom ), and - perhaps a tad optimistically - I'm still holding out to revisiting the upcoming The Enemy Within with WFRP4e (probably online - how well does Roll20 support it I wonder?).