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At the current rate I'm cautiously optimistic I can manage 150 RPG sessions in 2020, and certainly 100 should be achievable.
That's good going. I'm currently standing at a mere 2 sessions for the year so far, both from our online Pirates of Drinax game.

However, I figure I've got something like 36 sessions of con games already penciled in, with another 5-10 as maybes. Once our Sunday night Spirit of the Century (now in FAE form) gets underway it should contribute something like 25-30, plus the continuation of Pirates should be good for a similar amount. If I make a decent number of the Saturday night Indie Meetups (10?), 100 sessions in the year should be in my grasp.

That's not counting any sessions that come about from the possible new games club that might start after summer. That's too speculative for me to be able to consider.

I'm sort of curious to find out how many sessions the regular con attendees pack into a year?

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I'm sort of curious to find out how many sessions the regular con attendees pack into a year?
I might play the logging game this year, and quick before I start to forget!

A pile of convention games to come as you suggest, and I've no idea what they will be.

Much depends if I get back into the weekly face to face group. On the basis that I don't I reckon a bit more than fortnightly online, so roughly 30 sessions. A monthly game at mine - I'm going to say 10 in the year - and ad hoc family sessions of Pathfinder - might muster 6 at the most in a full year. So, about 46 at a guess?
I'm playing:
D&D 5e: Curse of Strahd
Ashen Stars
Warhammer 4e

At the moment I'm running...absolutely nothing. Maybe nothing until 7 Hills. It's a refreshing change.
Spirit of the Century (FAE)
Traveller (MgT2)

Con games
Call of Cthulhu 5e (1880s London)
Era: Consortium
Good Society (yes!)

Traveller (MgT2)
Manifold (Martian Steampunk)
Manifold (Magical Girl Anime)
Fate (Steampunk)
Judge Dredd (the new WOIN-based one) at IQ Gaming in Huddersfield. If anyone's interested, we've got spots open for a couple more players, starts at 7:30pm. Sorry this is so quick, but I'm about to head over there now!
I've just started running Dead of Night, I know I'm a bit behind the curve but hadn't come across this until recently. I've written a new scenario to run out at conventions and so far those I've run it for seem to have had fun, as did I.
I have also been running the new Alien RPG, its action packed but very brutal.

Anything at conventions
Managed half a session of Apps yesterday, a PbtA modern domestic ghost story WiP, using a playset about a group of kids disturbing a supernatural force and having to deal with the consequences of that, which includes them gaining strange powers.

It went a bit "Weekend at Samara's", with the kid brother PC dying and coming back with a passenger of some kind that enabled him to curse people and also make them supernaturally paranoid & fearful, while his big brother and a friend tried to cover it up and act like everything was normal. We cut the session short in the hospital after a series of 'accidents' and random acts of violence culminated in the mother of the two brothers attacking the friend and the creepy kid learning that the best way to stop the spread of this behaviour was for him to die... again.
Ridiculous as it sounds, we played a one-off Rupert the Bear game (homebrew) the other night. We has Basil the Beaver, dressed in top hat and tails wearing a monacle, Boris the Badger dressed in a teddy boy outfit, Sid the Squirrel dressed in a tweed suit and my character Maisie the Mole dressed in dungarees and miners helmet carrying rope and a shovel. It was a simple adventure (of course) involving the theft by Ragetty of one of the Professor's inventions and we were tasked with finding it. Great fun was had by all and I suspect it will no longer be a one-off.
I'm currently running Starfinder. I have an online campaign, Dead Suns, underway. In meat-space we have Attack of the Swarm, which is currently on hold pending release from our domiciles.
I am also running Curse of Strahd, because some things are constant in life. Tides come in and roll out, the sun rises, and I run Ravenloft.
Had a burst of gaming online last week.

First off kicked off an ongoing game of Skyraiders of the Floating Realms, my quick-fast D100 Fantasy Adventure RPG. This is the start of playtesting and everything went smoothly to my great relief. Nothing broke and we actually added some fun stuff to the ruleset. Its meant to be an exciting, rules-lite, with a light-hearted tone, and that's the play experience we got. Character generation + introductory adventure ( a bit of intrigue in the village of Greater Humbug, with some social skill rolls, then a very simple combat encounter) all in a two-hour afternoon session. Great stuff can't wait to get back to it next week. Space for one more player, message me if interested ;)

Then last Saturday and Sunday were Go Play Manchester Online March. Held on the same weekend as would have met physically in Fanboy 3, we ran three virtual tables on both days. I'm highly proud that our GMs and Players had 6 full games, which from reports went down a storm. I ran two games.

On Saturday a full four hour game of Skyraiders, called the Edge of the World. Going forward our fearless characters find that the island of Asknor is literally disappearing beneath their feet due to a magical disease called the Stone Plague. Then its a choice to get off the sky island while working out whose behind it. Again I wrote this adventure for Mega Gaming Fun and to go from small to stupidly epic over the space of four hours and I wasn't disappointed. Officially chuffed :)

On Sunday I ran my hack of my Monkey RPG where the characters are Wuxia Kung-Fu Heroes, Defenders of the Dragon Empire. A four-hour game where we quickly created Kung-Fu warriors (Xia) and their martial arts circle (the Jade Dragons) and then set them off defending their city on the northern border against the Outlaws of Red Mountain and their demon allies. At first, I wasn't sure that this one was a hit with the players, there was a lot of quiet sombre faces during a quick character generation session where I also explained the setting. Also, the fact that it was Sunday probably had a lot to do with it. But once we got going it was Kung Fu action and dramatic investigation, as the Jade Dragons investigated the outlaws of the Red Mountain. I got lots of inspiration for a more complete version of Defenders and other Wuxia based games I have planned. It has a different tone and play style than Monkey. Partly because the characters are mortal and can get hurt in combat, and partly because their concerns are different. The real world is more important to them, and the mythological world (which Monkey's characters inhabit) is a strange and distant place in comparison. Had an inspiration for a more detailed skills system as well. But overall it worked well, and the adventure again escalated nicely from bubbling about trying to find out what the Outlaws were up to, to an epic "save the city" fight against the major demon villain of the piece. Again Officially Chuffed :)

While its no replacement for face to face gaming, online gaming certainly is fun in its own way, and in these rather strange times of isolation, raises your moral no end :)
This week, as my online troupe hadn't played together for a while, we tossed around some ideas for games and setting, finally settling on Soap Opera Monster House as the pitch: we used a mash-up of Monsterhearts and my own PbtA 'toy' Liquid Soap by way of Blood & Water, one of my published games... it was not quite as nightmarish as it sounds.

We had a nymph, a ghost, a sphinx and a vampire sharing a villa on a Greek island that had become an upwardly mobile hotel: the highlight of the game was a brief tribute to Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo when the ghost, after forgetting they had possessed a car in the previous scene, decided to use a move that allowed them to appear wherever another PC was... at the moment when the vampire was cornered in a hotel room by some new guests armed with cross-bows.

You can't write stuff like that into a scenario, you just have to rely on the players to bring the awesome. :D
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Saturday was set aside for me to run Blood & Water for some experienced players and some new ones via Discord; to spend as little time on character creation as possible, I recommended using the Quick Play spreadsheet I created for just this kind of situation.

The characters were the ghost of a wannabe internet celebrity, an environmentally aware werewolf, a mother who had sold her soul in exchange for her child's life and a fae changeling charged with watching the gateway between worlds on Hampstead Heath. A local fayre was the playground for the antics in the first act, eventually resulting in a terrorism alert as the general public fled the park in fear for reasons they couldn't quite articulate.

The second act focused on the fae & the damned dealing with the presence of Merlin, who wanted to cut a deal to have Morgan le Fay assassinated... so that happened and tied into shenanigans with a dead roadie, the Holy Grail and a gateway to Hell they accidentally opened in the back garden.

It was highly enjoyable, as it always is for me, as one of the great benefits of designing a game that suits your GMing style is that all the time you've invested in writing it is now effort saved in running it! I think I've come out ahead...