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At the current rate I'm cautiously optimistic I can manage 150 RPG sessions in 2020, and certainly 100 should be achievable.
That's good going. I'm currently standing at a mere 2 sessions for the year so far, both from our online Pirates of Drinax game.

However, I figure I've got something like 36 sessions of con games already penciled in, with another 5-10 as maybes. Once our Sunday night Spirit of the Century (now in FAE form) gets underway it should contribute something like 25-30, plus the continuation of Pirates should be good for a similar amount. If I make a decent number of the Saturday night Indie Meetups (10?), 100 sessions in the year should be in my grasp.

That's not counting any sessions that come about from the possible new games club that might start after summer. That's too speculative for me to be able to consider.

I'm sort of curious to find out how many sessions the regular con attendees pack into a year?

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I'm sort of curious to find out how many sessions the regular con attendees pack into a year?
I might play the logging game this year, and quick before I start to forget!

A pile of convention games to come as you suggest, and I've no idea what they will be.

Much depends if I get back into the weekly face to face group. On the basis that I don't I reckon a bit more than fortnightly online, so roughly 30 sessions. A monthly game at mine - I'm going to say 10 in the year - and ad hoc family sessions of Pathfinder - might muster 6 at the most in a full year. So, about 46 at a guess?
I'm playing:
D&D 5e: Curse of Strahd
Ashen Stars
Warhammer 4e

At the moment I'm running...absolutely nothing. Maybe nothing until 7 Hills. It's a refreshing change.
Spirit of the Century (FAE)
Traveller (MgT2)

Con games
Call of Cthulhu 5e (1880s London)
Era: Consortium
Good Society (yes!)

Traveller (MgT2)
Manifold (Martian Steampunk)
Manifold (Magical Girl Anime)
Fate (Steampunk)
Judge Dredd (the new WOIN-based one) at IQ Gaming in Huddersfield. If anyone's interested, we've got spots open for a couple more players, starts at 7:30pm. Sorry this is so quick, but I'm about to head over there now!