[none] What are you backing?

I have backed The Chronicles of Future Earth, cosmic fantasy roleplaying game from Mindjammer Press. Set in the far, far future of our planet Earth, it's a game of sorcery and demons, of fallen civilisations and ancient technologies, of monsters and mysteries and mind-shattering dimensions.

Because Sarah Newton.

I'm bringing the free Quickstart with me to Furnace just in case I can squeeze in another game. It's a tailored Fate game with D6-D6 dice instead of Fate dice and some tailored mechanical twists.

All kinds of fab.
Sarah Newton and Modiphius Entertainment. Like beautiful poetry together. O:)
After compulsively watching all of The Last Kingdom last year I looked around for early Middle Ages RPGs and was confused that I couldn’t find anything which was set later than the various excellent Arthurian games but earlier than the romanticised picture of medieval fantasy which D&D has done so much to shape (for me at least).

So I didn’t even try to resist Wolves of God by Kevin Crawford. Things like this made it inevitable that I’d want it...
  • Guidelines for warband mass combat and barbarian lordship, where the might of a lord is fundamentally tied to the loyalty of his faithful hall-friends and the strength of their spears; and
  • Special focus on building minsters and using them as home bases for classic adventuring bands