[watching] What have you seen recently?

The problem with Inhumans was apparent lack of budget. Attilan was basically three small sets. They mislaid or disabled at least 3 key characters from the off because they couldn’t afford to show their powers etc. The haircut was unforgivable. Unforgivable.
I must admit I had not sussed that's why the haircut occurred; I thought it was for story purposes, if you don't have the budget reimagine the series. For me Attilan was where the bare bones showed, they should have stayed either in the city or out, trying to be all things for all audiences rarely works.
Just watched The Devil's Business. Occult crime thriller from 2011. Old skool east end crime boss sends two of his henchmen to eliminate a former business associate. Breaking into the man's house the two killers find various bits of Satanic paraphenalia lying about the place and their target proves harder to kill than expected. Very much in the Kill List vein with maybe a bit of a nod to Angel Heart/Falling Angel.
Season Two of The Dragon Prince... There's clearly much more going on here than meets the eye though, as the 'Dark Elf in the Mirror' subplot is excellently done.
I just found out that Aaravos...

is a Startouch Elf, a rare kind of elf few have ever seen, and not a Dark Elf. He is trapped inside an area behind the magic mirror.

He is voiced by Erik Dellums, who voiced Emperor Arcann in Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO.
Dark River starring Ruth Wilson, Sean Bean with feem toon by PJ Harvey - gritty BAFTA to the max, but not very good. Grim tale of life amongst Yorkshire farming folk which recalled that old Alexei Sayle musical skit about British movies being worthy, miserable and essentially dull. Wilson gives a committed performance that probably deserves a better film than this one.
Just seen the film Shazam! It is s fantastic film. He me laughing out loud far too often and yet has some poignant moments too.

It has an honest depiction of the foster family system, a true hero’s journey, a couple of shocking moments (think Gremlins bad), and yet delivers a cracking climax.

Zachary Levi plays Captain Marvel with the total bewilderment of a fourteen year old boy, channeling Billy Batson as played by Asher Angel. Some excellent comic scenes as he learns his superpowers with Freddy Freeman portrayed by Jack Dylan Grazer. Mark Strong chews the scenery as the villain, Dr Sivana, with the demons of the seven deadly sins.

Faithe C. Herman steals the show as the foster sister Darla.

Some great surprises and a neat cameo at the end.

The film opens right away with a dark prologue before the opening credits, is 2 hours 10 minutes long, has a mid-credit scene that hints for a sequel, and an end credits scene that is played for laughs.
I've now watched all but the final episode of season 1 of The Umbrella Academy, and I'm really looking forward to the finale. This really is a good show, even if it isn't necessarily a superhero show per se.

I also watched season 1 episode 1 of The Expanse. Wow, I am looking forward to lots more of that! Is it just me, or did Ceres remind anyone else of Total Recall's Mars?
The Expanse is good.

If you like old fogies hitting the road again Highwayman could do the job. Love Death and Robots has been rather good. Just got round to the second series of Colony, liking it so far.

I even found that there was one episode, (the last one) of the IT Crowd I had not seen, well chuffed about that. :)
The Expanse is good.

If you like old fogies hitting the road again Highwayman could do the job. Love Death and Robots has been rather good.
Highwayman? The late 80s Glen Larson show with the 18-wheeler? Is it back?

I've been told by The Youth Of Today that Love, Death and Robots has issues with representation of some sort that makes it unacceptable to those who are 'woke'. Have you spotted anything that might match that description? Is it any different to any other TV show in that regard?
Not alas the 18 wheeler with the integral sports car and helicopter (driven by Flash?) Nope - gangster era stuff.

And there were so many different LD&R stories in different styles and, thinking about it, some of them did still have a predominantly white male perspective. Can’t say I spotted it on first viewing though. I think there were some attempts to have strong female characters but they weren’t often Leads. Not sure it was a balanced racially as it could have been. Though there were episodes that bucked the trend.

The ups conpensated for the downs IMHO.
Highwayman is about two Texas Rangers taking the road again to track down Bonnie and Clyde, it was quite good. As I am a person who watches entertainment to be entertained and not grade it on how they handle gender pronouns or what have you I can't comment on the burning issue of representation. What I can say is you might find LD&R is worth a viewing. :)
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Shazam! Big, dumb, cute Superhero movie with a third act twist which they kept out of all the trailers, bless 'em! Lots and lots of positive messages and a little girl performance to melt everyone's hearts. And cost less than $100 million to make. Great use of money.

Hellboy. Marmite movie. Great big bucketsful of plot thrown gleefully at the screen. But done with such glee that I loved it. Great portrayal of Hellboy.

Unfortunately, the trailer makers for this one were a little loose with what they showed and how they showed it. One,to see without watching the trailers if possible.

Only $50 million to make and people are complaining it's got too much going on? Almost miraculous use of funds. However, the end credits seem to imply most of the movie making was done in Eastern Europe and they churned out Guardians for under $10 million.

We need more of these "mid range" films - Superhero, Fantasy or SciFi.
Watched Hellboy and on the fence about it. Too much and too little going on with some shockingly lazy tropes and plotting ---
i.e. the McGuffin boxes that didn't make sense when they used them to chop up a Dalek at Christmas and don't make sense now with a all-powerful witch.
Yes, I appreciate any effort to minimise budget but in that case why waste time on CGI that isn't needed
like those damned abominations from Hell that appeared and disappeared with little reason to have arrived in their first place and just seemed to be an exercise in getting more Mignola creativity on the screen without caring why you're doing it.
And my prediction for the sequel based on the end credit scene would be
Cloak and Dagger makes a welcome return with Season 2 on Amazon Prime. Only 3 Episodes in and they are very well done with good characters and writing.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 on Netflix. A great series with some excellent acting by Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. Tim does give a great little speech in the last episode, which is about the nature of Love, Death and Immortality. A good cliff hanger for Season 4 (please).

Now off to watch Season 2 of The Chilling Tales of Sabrina on Netflix.