[watching] What have you seen recently?

I’ve been making my way through the season 18 and 19 Doctor Who Blu Ray boxsets. The picture quality is amazing! Especially the location scenes, which were originally shot entirely on film and are now in full, glorious HD. The location scenes in Castrovalva are simply stunning, and the opening scene in the Leisure Hive on Brighton beach looks fantastic. The studio footage has been upscaled and encoded to a much higher bit rate than the DVDs, and are probably a better quality now than the original PAL video masters. Well worth purchasing both boxsets.

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Finished Expanse Season 3, only by eking out that last few episodes at a crawl, not wanting to let it go. I loved it so much.

I'm slow, so that gives me stacks of possibilities. I've dived into American Gods Season 2.

Me and me lad are slowly working through Titans.

Me and my Mrs are on Lucifer Season 4 and we are jealously taking them at a slow pace too.
Trawling through Amazon Prime - which contains some god awful rubbish - buried beneath the sharknado films - I came across "Oats Studio Volume 1"

Shorts and tryouts by Neil Blomkamp prior to him getting bigger gigs like District 9. Surprisingly high budget. A mix between student films and out-takes from longer ones. Not as complete and neat as Love and Robots and with a lot more gore and body horror but well worth a look. The last one - starring a proper actress (Seydoux?) - is basically a scream "let me remake THE THING. let me!" Better monster than Carpenter's.

Oats Studio Volume 1.
That's my biggest issue with Amazon Prime. Apart from one or two big shows to draw people in, there is very little else on Prime that draws my interest - hence why I refused to subscribe. Whereas my Netflix list of things to watch is ever growing!

When Disney+ launches in the UK later this year, with a bucket load of Star Wars and Marvel stuff, new and old, my money will be handed over to the Mouse. I think Prime really need to pull their socks up and expand their catalogue, and I'm sorry to say that the new Star Trek: Picard series won't be enough draw me in to subscribe either.
Amazon Prime will stop getting my money when they stop giving me the student discount. That pays for itself with Christmas delivery, so the video stuff is a free bonus. Not going to pay extra for it.
Watched the final episodes of The Expanse season 3. I had been intending to watch them on the plane back from Expo, but it was cancelled and the replacement was 7am Monday morning, so I wasn't in TV watching mood.

The concluding story was more simple than previous ones, but I'm happy that they actually brought it to a conclusion at the end of the season.

Sadly the wife has started watching Lucifer but is only just in season 2, so I think I'm going to have to leave season 4 for a while. Any suggestions as to what I should watch in the meantime? Good Omens?
Don’t judge me but I’ve just watched the first few episodes of “Year of the Rabbit” on channel four (Victoria era Police comedy) on channel four. It’s unsubtle and predictable. But there’s just something about the relentless swearing - especially from the lead female character - in your face comedy and the stupid contrast between the quality of the production and the actual level of story aimed for (the series clearly has a budget) that seems to hit a sweet spot with me. Actually makes me laugh out loud a couple of times each episode.
Just finished watching Sword Art Online on Netflix. Good series, I really enjoyed it, although I would say one of the subplots towards the end got a bit skeevy...

Loved the classic mad scientist villain scenery-chewing at the climax. Worthy of Jeremy Irons at his best.
...I’ve just watched the first few episodes of “Year of the Rabbit” on channel four (Victoria era Police comedy) on channel four. It’s unsubtle and predictable. But there’s just something about the relentless swearing...
If you see the name "Matt Berry" attached to a show then you know he will be bringing the voluble profanity. Further more there are really only two ways to deal with Mr Berry and his angry invective and those are 1) Put him with a straight man or 2) Put him with someone equally foul mouthed.

In a fantastic example of having ones cake and eating it, they did both.