[shopping] What have you splurged on recently?

I just purchased Night falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties from Taschen. It's a bit of a art book with lots of, usually monochrome, art pieces illustrating it. It's got loads of background and biographies of many of the major figures of the period. At 25x38cm (9.5x15") it wont fit on my bookshelf so is likely to stay on the coffee table once I've finished reading it. As a big fan of the various espionage novel series set between the wars this is great background stuff and as I'm planning on getting Chaosium's upcoming Secrets of Berlin supplement to run games set in the Weimar period it's just extra material to use.

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I've blown my $20 Gift Voucher on Solar Blades and Cosmic Spells, a wildly fun looking Star & Sorcery game based on the author's Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells RPG.

Solar Blades Cover.png

It’s science fiction, it’s fantasy, it’s space opera, it’s sword and sorcery, it’s post-apocalyptic. It’s all that and more, mixed up and packed together. In this game the party may be composed of knights of a mystical tradition, space pilots, cyber hackers, smugglers running from space authorities, barbarians from a primitive world, engineers and inventors, students of the lost and dangerous art of cosmic spells, or anything in between all of this. In this universe, technology is advanced but the great accomplishments of it were lost in a glorious past. Sorcery is real and is wielded by terrible despots. It is also feared by most of the species in the known universe, being the main reason why the old glorious days are over. Planets and sectors have many different cultures, most of which are now divisive and belligerent, led by these Sorcerer-Emperors. It’s sword and sorcery in space with some cosmic horror thrown in.
Evolving the Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells RPG to a space opera of light swords, Void sorcery, madness and starships takes the Black Hack inspired rules into some new directions. I must say it looks an absolute ton of fun, with 150 pages of rules and another 250+ full of ideas and examples and random tables and procedures t create your own Universe. GM is one of the Overlords of the setting.

Did I need this? No, but it looks a blast.
Book of Sires for Pendragon has arrived.
I guess once my dead tree copy of Pendragon 5.2 arrives I may declare my Pendragon collection complete! Now just to clear 100 game sessions and run the GPC! :)

Another copy of Solar Blades sent to me, which is very nice, though puzzling as I didn't seem to order it.

Plus I'm now in The Shadow of The Beanstalk, as Genesys does me some awesome cyberpunk in the Androidverse.

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If you start getting two copies of everything roleplaying you order and your collection is taking up way too much space, I can think of a good home for them. :)

I once had a slightly bashed RPG book sent by Amazon and they sent me a second copy without any fuss, that's about as close as I get to your story.
Did you order it from drivethrurpg.com during the recent server migration? Apparently, some folk who made orders then are getting duplicate copies :)
I can attest to this. I received a second copy of my Role-Playing Relief books at the weekend, a couple of weeks after the first set arrived.
I'm in the process of finding them a good home, and I'll make a donation direct to Comic Relief to salve my conscience.


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I can attest to this. I received a second copy of my Role-Playing Relief books at the weekend, a couple of weeks after the first set arrived.
Same here, I got two sets of RPR expert book. I will find a good home for it.
Now if we had known....