[shopping] What have you splurged on recently?

This a beautiful French low magic product from the creators of Shadows of Esteren. The Fateforge RPG is like the French take on 5th Edition D&D using the OGL.

The book dimensions were an unexpected 12 inches tall

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My copies of these arrived mid week too.
Unfortunately so did my copies of Alien a few weeks prior and the Symbaroum.
So I'm kinda now stuck with a pile of books and not enough time to learn them all!
It's very well worth it Dom. Great background material and interesting scenarios (although I wrote my own for the one time I've run a Berlin game, second time was going to be The Kraken but my transplant put the kibosh on that trip).
Forbidden Lands came home, finally, from Dragonmeet. I'm not sure when it will be played, but it will.
Cthulhu Dark came too. I love Graham's takes on CoC so it seemed the right thing to do. Not sure I can handle something that crunchy though...haha
I will soon be splurging on Zombie World because I have seen a copy of it and it will be mine.

First Age

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I picked up the PDF of Scheherazade for some Arabian Nights fun and a gander at other d6 dice pool systems.

I also picked up some freeish battle maps for future Pathfinder fun.
Just got the dead tree version of the Code of Steam and Steel. Planning to run some short (1 session) one-off adventures. Wis I knew how Simon writes them so quickly.
Bless you!

Blah de blah - 5 mooks per PC

Blah de blah - boss fight (couple of 12pt bosses, 1 30pt thing, 5 mooks per PC.)

Players fill in the rest in their blah de blah bit.

Give me a genre and a title and I can fill in the rest.....