[shopping] What have you splurged on recently?

First Age

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Did I mention that I am really enjoying Pathfinder 2e? I'll be running another family game for my birthday. I've picked up the Gamemastery Guide PDF from Paizo and I'm delighted that my Mrs is getting me the physical book to go with my core rulebook.

This is a lovely book of options. Everything from Relics, Curses, Steam powered giants and a huge gallery of ready to go NPCs that you can quickly pick from. Tools and Sub systems galore, with options for chases, deep backgrounds, world building advice, the list goes on.

A brilliant and entirely optional addition to the line, which I am very happy to own. It will be invaluable if I can get my online game in Midgard up and running.
Just invested in The Story Engine Deck of Cards by Peter Chiykowski. This extended Kickstarter Backerkit ends 1st of March, if anyone else wants in.

For myself, being an engineer by profession and programmer by interest, engines always interest me, game engines, especially.

So, since I have a selection of generic and rules light sourcebooks (FFG Genesys, Cypher, Forged in the Dark), I thought having a deck of cards to randomly generate story hooks and PC investment is a worthy addition to my role playing games collection.