[shopping] What have you splurged on recently?

I just didn't warm to Essentials at all. Mind you, I only accessed it as electronic on D&D Beyond, maybe it's better in a box.
One of the good points about the Essentials Kit is you get some extra stuff online at D&D Beyond with it, IIRC. As well the (limited) character generation rules and the sidekick rules for 1-1 and small group games.


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And lots of useful cards with box. And a screen. And a map. And the Beyond material to expand. Plus rules to Level 6 and a decent adventure.

Whereas the starter set has some uninspiring characters (in how they look), less complete rules and a decent adventure. And the box is padded with a spacer. And it’s £15 vs £20.

Essentials is a modern take on Basic D&D.