[shopping] What have you splurged on recently?

Wow, I was so lucky to win the auction for this first edition "Dungeon full of Monsters" book, which is in the 352 pages in hardcover (5.5" x 8.5"1/2 US Letter format). The second edition on DriveThruRPG Print-on-Demand is locked to the landscape 11x8.5 format. When my book arrives, I will post more photos this weekend.

The classic trope of a random mega-dungeon crawl is a must-have for the Old School Rules (OSR) style of play. That is the conclusion I got from the OSR conversation several days ago. Hence, this book should help generating that labyrinthine dungeon map with monsters to fight and treasure to loot powered by the Basic / Expert rule set of D&D.

So here I said I would not purchase another Monte Cook game because of his elitist pricing strategy on Kickstarter.

Well, last week I found someone, probably a backer of the new D&D 5e Ptolus who willingly sold his old D&D3.5e Ptolus at a very low price. So in a way, I did not give Monte Cook money, and acquired Ptolus for my D&D3.5e collection. I have to admit, Ptolus is a historic masterpiece in RPGs.

Sorry, I had to push the Mutant Chronicles Adventures to a precarious position atop the book stack.

Also, I took the 700 pages of Ptolus to a university book binding service to showcase how is it that Monte Cook's tome published in 2006 is still in excellent shape while my Starfinder special edition core book published in 2017 already broke its spine and requires repair. Monte Cook sure knows how to produce superb quality stuff.
Working from home has provided a significant saving in both petrol and impulse purchases, so I've, er, made some impulse purchases!

Affinity Publisher has been upgraded from the free trial to the full version, along with Affinity Designer. Happy to say that Designer has opened my multi-multi-layer character sheet SVGs with no trouble at all.

And I've also gone for the Campaign Cartographer bundle from Humble Bundle, in the hopes that my maps might get a little more interesting...
It's not really splurging as I got it in the introductory sale, but I have the M-Space Companion PDF and am awaiting the PoD with bated breath (I've had bad luck with getting DTRPG to deliver to me, for some reason). It has all sorts of useful little (and not-so-little) extras to make your M-Space gaming go places it might not have gone before.

I think there's some clever psychology going on with that square format, I find I am more likely to buy M-Space books in hardcopy because I wouldn't want to have an A4 folder with printouts next to them on the shelf.