[shopping] What have you splurged on recently?

I've been on an Osprey binge recently buying up loads of stuff about Byzantium/the Eastern Roman Empire for background as we are starting a Mythic Constantinople campaign shortly. I must say that the period of history from the early 8th century with the expansion of Islam and the response of the Eastern Roman empire is fascinating more so as it was not on my radar before. The major drawback is the very unfamiliar Greek terms for official titles even if I can see how in many cases they have been Anglicised and are used today.

Yesterday saw the arrival of my hard copy of the KS reward for the Elephant and Macaw Banner which looks to be a load of fun in a slightly unusual setting (16th Century Brazil). This game has a player book (which covers background and also character generation) available on DTRPG for free making the whole package very user friendly

I also picked up the solo adventure Thousand Year Old Vampire which arrived this morning. Not as flash as the US printed version this one from Lightning Source still looks great even though it's missing the bookmark and a few other bits that the US version sports.

Also arriving today was a hard copy of Meeros Doomed, the finale of the Meeros saga, which began as sidebars in the RQ6 core rulebook. It was originally published, I believe, in the Swedish RPG magazine Fenix but now comes as a stand-alone adventure.
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I got home from a bit of a nightmare journey (A1M closed northbound) to find that a box had arrived from Exalted Funeral Press far earlier than I had expected.

Inside was a hardcover of UVG (which looks gorgeous), the screen and the map. The hardcover is from the scuffed stock that was offered but there’s only really a dint on the corner. It is a lovely artifact and if the taster book is anything to go by, I may well soon be advertising for a caravan crew to cross the Ultraviolet Grasslands to reach the Black City.

I’d also picked up Covert Wars, which is an OSR engined Cold War game which landed with badges and stickers (!). I’ve mainly got it to examine for ideas, but maybe it will hit the table some time.


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This was scuffed stock from the Kickstarter which they had in limited numbers a fortnight ago. I’m surprised they released it before the main shipment. It may be because the shipping was done differently? I’m guessing the direct shipment may be more expensive than the KS?

As a positive, it was packaged sturdily and is gorgeous. Hope yours arrives soon.
So for all the online gaming that I've been doing, I've experienced a real lack of, eh, tactile physical things to do with my hands. Therefore I've been getting into building model kits.
Not at all gaming related, I fear :)
Yesterday popped in a socially distanced Fanboy 3 in Manchester for the first time since lock down with our Henry and picked up a few things.

Cyberpunk Red: Jump-start Set which from an early flip through is a colour version of Cyberpunk 2020 with some mechanical nips and tucks here and there and a slightly advanced timeline.

Theros the new mythic pseudo-Greek setting for D&D, in epic shiny colour faux foil version. The whole book is gorgeously illustrated and from a quick skim im already intrigued in how D&D does Mythic Greece

I picked up "A Corpus of Magic Bowls" from Lulu. It's a discussion of Magic Bowls which are found up to the 7th Century CE and covers the inscriptions, translations (from Jewish Aramaic) of said inscriptions and Notes about the individual bowls. For a little over £10 I thought it would provide a load of possible plot hooks etc. for Call of Cthulhu games. After all how many investigators raise their hands when you ask who has Hebrew let alone Aramaic Hebrew.

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I got some Atlantis Adventures on PDF that I thought I had.

Plus, I have, at last, gone to Talislanta. I'm a thousand years too early, The Fall has just taken place and civilisation has been swept away in what is now The Savage Lands. Sumptuous colour for this rule and setting book, using a blend of 2nd and 4th Talislanta rules with some further tweaks.


Perhaps one for Thursday nights.
I only splurged on the M-Space Companion, and even then I got it in the introductory sale. Elevation was free via a give-away from Clarence. Both well worthwhile if you like the game (I admit to preferring the "Essentials" version of Mythras to the full-on book). The Companion introduces lots of new stuff - tech, character origins, and a scenario with a Blake's 7esque hook.

Elevation is a comprehensive campaign background for an exploration-based game.