[shopping] What have you splurged on recently?


The Guvnor
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I got some Atlantis Adventures on PDF that I thought I had.

Plus, I have, at last, gone to Talislanta. I'm a thousand years too early, The Fall has just taken place and civilisation has been swept away in what is now The Savage Lands. Sumptuous colour for this rule and setting book, using a blend of 2nd and 4th Talislanta rules with some further tweaks.

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Perhaps one for Thursday nights.
Welcome, I think it's just right for the group.
Add 4e magic later. What is this 2e blending? (I do have Tal 2 some where but you know: tsundoku sensei...)

Brass Jester

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This arrived today, unexpectedly. I’d picked it up for the underground travel montages part, which led me to also buy the screen pack as that’s the first time they covered the topic. I think I need to get 13th Age to the table rather than just mining it for 5e.
I've got the PDF but didn't realise the dead tree version was available. Preesent .... credit card!
My copy of Lyonesse has arrived from Aeon Games. From a first skim it looks very well written with a clean layout.
The extra M on the front cover will be an interesting point when I have to sell my games collection in 25 years - hopefully it will add to the value! :)
As someone who has published leaflets with the odd typo in I'm not going to throw the first stone! ;-)


First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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I'm still collecting print on demand fantasy scenarios from DriveThru, these also arrived today.
All quite traditional game systems, but you expecyed that didn't you! I think that's where I will stay! ;-)

Fatum Sperantiae for Aquelarre
In High Dudgeon for Lyonesse
Lemurian chronicles for Barbarians of Lemuria
Lots of great convention material right there.

Lawrence is running In High Dudgeon for me on Saturday. :)