[listening] What podcasts do you listen to?

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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What Would The Smart Party Do - a couple of mates who can talk about games for England. Jovial with some great guests and affirming that Earthdawn is the best rpg in the universe.

Good patter.

Thanks to Dom's thread here I have just downloaded Podcast Addict, so will be loading up with suggestions!
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Ironically, I've not listened to podcasts for the last month or so, because I'm working my way through the 27-hour epic that is The History of the Silk Roads on Audible. I'll have a break from Audible once I've finished that and binge on the various podcasts.


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I am now on episode 7 of the curious case of Charles Dexter Ward. Rendering it as a modern day mystery podcast is an excellent conceit. It's very scary. Even though I almost certainly have read the original decades ago and despite the fact that I know my Mythos well enough to know you should not be reciting strange charms from strange leather-bound books.. I genuinely feel empathic fear for the protagonists.

Well done the BBC.


So, having finished The Silk Roads (which I whole-heartedly recommend), I've dived back into Revolutions which is presently all about the Mexican Revolution. I've certainly learnt a lot, and it's been made more interesting as places that I travelled to during my one (work) visit to the country have been mentioned. I think there are a couple more episodes, then a short break, and then we start the Russian revolution. I may well listen to Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel before that to build up a backlog to binge through.

I also listened to Limetown Series 2 which was a little disappointing, and I found the ending a bit of a letdown. I was going to pick up the prequel novel, but it's been roundly slated. Apparently this is being picked up by Facebook Watch, but I don't think that I will be rushing to see it. I may listen to another series, but that may well be unlikely as it's jumping media format.