[generic] What rpg/s do you want to play/run in 2020?

Does this have to be in any way realistic? Because there are so many games I want to play or run in 2020, but most of them don't stand a chance of happening.

Most likely:
Traveller (MgT2). I'm running Pirates of Drinax for my online group and a con scenario or two. Hoping to get more into the newest edition.

Spirit of the Century. My home group is just starting to play our 4th season of this ongoing campaign. We've made it to 1956, and the great age of space exploration is beginning.

Manifold. Simon's great unpublished opus has been powering con games for the last two years, and is unlikely to stop in 2020 (well, unless I get a cease and desist letter...) I have a couple of new Victorian Mars scenarios to try out before well runs dry.

Fate. Again, powering con games for a couple of years, still some life left in the old mutt.

The Princess Bride. Gonna run this one at a con or two, hope I can get some of the feel of the film at the table.

Possible to probable:
John Carter/Conan. I want to have a go playing 2d20, and the action/adventure versions seem like a good place to start. Again, most likely to be at a con.

Call of Cthulhu. If I can get to Continuum I'm going to grab a seat at one of the quality CoC games that happen there. I'll keep my eyes open for something during the year, too.

Liminal. Be nice to get another game, see some more of the setting.

Tuatha de Danaan. My own Celtic myth hack using Newt's Ying Yang system from Monkey. Has gone down quite well at cons and one-shot sessions, I'd like to try a longer game to see how it holds up once people are used to the system.

D&D (5e). I've volunteered to help set up a branch of Role-Play Haven in Edinburgh in 2020, and it seems likely that running sessions of The World's Most Popular RPG may be the most useful thing I could do to attract people. Not completely sure how I feel about that, but we'll see.

Homunculi: Tiny Servants of Evil. My 200 word RPG entry, I'd like to see if there is a real game in there. Maybe at the Indie games meetup.

We Dance Till Dawn. The Wicker Man-inspired game I write for our November Game Design Jam. Again, I'd like to see if there is a real game here. Another maybe for the meetup.

Tim'rous Beasties. A PbtA game of Scottish folklore creatures trying to survive the clash with modern life. If I can get enough of it hacked into shape to play.
Well, as it stands, I seem to have given myself a convention handful so far:
  • Stargate 5e
  • Paranoia XP
  • Traveller (Mongoose 2nd ed)
  • The Dee Sanction
  • The Cthulhu Hack
  • Sunset Kills
  • Girl Underground
  • Liminal
  • Cyberpunk 2013
I really want to run as many new games (or at least revisit many old but underappreciated games) as possible.

Playing games — meh!
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I’ve just edited mine to add running Beyond the Wall into the list. I picked up the last of the hardcovers over Christmas and it reminded me just how nice it feels as a game.