[generic] What rpgs have you read recently?

Tried reading the Dresden Files RPG because I've read some of the books and love the whole Urban Fantasy thing... but I have to admit to struggling a bit with the Fate rules and the terminology they use. I've always found modifiers on rolls to be a bit fiddly and unnecessary, and this is one of those games that seems to be all about modifiers. Worse still, it suggests custom dice, which is an automatic turn-off to me. If I've already bought the rule books and own my own sets of dice, why do I need a special set for your game? Go f**k yourselves!
I actually love Fate Core and Fate Accelerated. I know that The Dresden Files use Accelerated rules and there are some great tutorial videos out there on YouTube that explain the rules for beginners. As for the Fate Dice, a set of 12 dice doesn't cost the Earth. I paid £7 for a set. One pack will be enough for a group of players and if you're playing online, Roll20 has the dice already built in.

Edit: You can roll 2D6 instead of the Fate Dice. Just subtract one from the other to get you a scale of -5 to +5.
Reading Alien at the moment, and loving their sarky comments in the intro text to each section. I like the Alien system, but I think I like Cold & Dark's setting better. Though, as that is riffing off the Alien franchise as one of its inspirations, there is a lot of overlap.
Reading the beta version of SLA Industries 2nd Ed. A new system and some changes to the World of Progress Lore. Overall I like what I am reading. Though the beta version has a few typos which need to be put right before official release.
Close enough, fantasy Italian city states for sure as the description of the countryside could have come out of a holiday tour brochure for Tuscany. Comparable to Mythic Constantinople in terms of a city setting but slightly more magic and some special folklore-y type creatures.
It's a 'must buy' for me. I was expecting a less magical Renaissance Italy setting from Mythras, but this still ticks lots of boxes for me.