[listening] What's On The Turntable?

ATM the moment I'm listening to a lot of the VERY early ELO stuff (from their first album - called "No Answer" in the states for a very Spinal Tap reason) and related Roy Wood acoustic stuff of around the same time. And thinking how appropriate it would be for SteamPunk. Contemporary (OK 70's) pop-rock played with acoustic instruments.

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Not put it on yet, but itching to clear out some peace and quiet to listen to this lovely limited edition blue vinyl I picked up from Sainsbury's the other day...

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Energy of the Daleks ain't a bad little story. And I'm generally pretty critical of:

A) a lot of the Big Finish stuff
B) audio dramas featuring the Daleks. (There's a Dalek Empire one from the 60's that's like a sustained attack from a sonic cannon.)
I've ended up doing single artist retrospectives recently.

First I listened to the Tragically Hip's albums in order (inspired by the passing of Gord Downey)...

Then recently I did Bowie's 70's studio albums in order.

Currently working through Fish's post Marillion studio albums.

Have also had side detours into Royal Blood (White Stripes-esque, when Jack White prioritised kick-ass tunes over performance art) and Greta Van Fleet (seventies boogies rock tribute by bunch of young musicians - possible soundtrack for my Forbidden Lands game if I run one).

Currently listening to "Beautiful Garbage" - Shirley Manson and Co's third album which I didn't reckon much to on first release, but all these years later I'm rather enjoying it.