[listening] What's On The Turntable?

Some late period Fugazi Red Medicine, End Hits and The Argument. Only the latter sounds anything like a fully formed record. The other two have some good moments but also a lot unfocussed guitar widdling and random squawking in the vocal department. A dreadful cliche I know, but I prefer their early stuff.
At the moment, it's the new Voivod album for me:

After nearly 2 decades in the wilderness the French Canadian proggy thrash band have since 2012 been making some of their best ever music.
Unfortunately they seem to be avoiding the Midlands this time.
Yes, surprising that, it is the home of metal after all. I'm in the W.Mids but my brother lives in The Smoke so I'm going with him to see them at the ever salubrious Camden Underworld.

Quite likely not a popular view but I enjoyed the stuff they did with Jason Newstead. I miss the sheer monolithic crunch of Piggy's guitar. Daniel Mongrain cuts the mustard live but his guitar sounds too clean and weedy on record.
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Sonic Mass by Amebix - the final song on the LP, Knights of the Black Sun, and accompanying video, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.



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Well, quite a lot of progress rock.
The A-Z of psychedelia podcast from 6 Music. The Iconic podcast. The New Statesman.
Listening to early Venom a lot - the first two albums "Welcome to Hell" and "Black Metal". I'm of an age to remember when this trio of noisy geordies were regarded as pretty extreme and quite scary with their Satanic outpourings. 30+ years on they sound almost mainstream and maybe a little camp, but still have a residual power given they were pretty much the first exponents of what became black metal and a multiplicity of other sub-genres. Sometimes you have to go back to the source.


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Lots of Tangerine dream for working to..
Madeline Peyroux and
Melody Gardot and
Enya and
Katie Melua for sleeping.

Quite a bit of Empire of the Sun for trippy house dance