[listening] What's On The Turntable?

Picked up a copy of John Coltrane's Blue Train over the New Year. Perfect for working to - anything with guitars makes me go and grab mine and pretend I can play.



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37-years deep, Brooklyn’s freewheeling local heroes They Might Be Giants remain rock's most original perpetual-motion machine, creating startling new music and performing shows packed with spontaneity and undeniable joy across the globe.

In 2018 alone, the band released their 20th full-length album I Like Fun to rave reviews, demolished stages in 80 cities worldwide, and was nominated for a Tony award for their song “I'm Not A Loser.” Today they are sharing Some Murdered Remains, a 6-song sampler of tracks featured on the recently released full-length album My Murdered Remains, available exclusively from TMBG's own Idlewild Recordings and not to be found on streaming services anywhere.
I particularly like "The Communists Have the Music"

Went to the Giants of Rock music weekend at Minehead last weekend and saw these over from the USA:

and these:

and these:

and these:

amongst many others. What a great weekend!
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Anything and everything by the incredible Sina Doering (Sina-Drums), the most talented young drummer on the planet. Don't just watch her drum covers; listen to her albums Chi Might and Chi Might II.
Today I've been grooving out on a electic mix of Prog-Rock, Afro Celt which led me to this little gem:

Brown Sabbath, Black Sabbath done Latin Funk style :D

As well as various performance videos on youtube.com, they've two full lps on Bandcamp :)
Jolly. Disney like.
Well, the Disney part is down to the fan animator, who has so far done all of act 1.

The musical as a whole gets a bit grimmer (depending on your view on reanimation I guess) plot wise, but the music is still pretty upbeat. It's written as a 4-act tragic opera ("A Steampunk Opera"), so you can tell what you're in for.

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Currently going through my YES collection, starting with The Yes Album and finishing with Magnification. Unfortunately, am stalled at Fragile atm; can't stop playing it!
Also, am going to see King Crimson in June at the Royal Albert Hall (50th Anniversary of 'In the Court of ...').