[listening] What's On The Turntable?

The new Devin Townsend album Empath is a lovely blend of rock/metal/ambient/operatic/epic weirdness, and obviously something that he's poured his heart and soul into.

Here's the promo single..

and look space cats!!!


Brass Jester

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Magnum, 'Live at Symphony Hall'. Recorded in 2018 at Birmingham Symphony Hall. My whole family were there; it was a brilliant gig and the live album has captured it perfectly. It also features guest vocals by Tobias Sammet (of Avantasia).
Currently enjoying spinning Ulaid and Duke Special on the turntable, a coming together of an Irish folk band and the whimsical tunes of Duke (always worth seeing live if you get the chance) on their live album, 'A Note Let Go':

also The Waterboys latest, 'Where the Action Is':

On pre-order the new record from The Divine Comedy, 'Office Politics'. I think Neil Hammon is one of our best lyricists, and having met my wife in Cromer and having a thing for the Saxons and Normans (I might not reenact, but I do run Pendragon), their latest video was an instant hit:

Currently on my virtual turntable on heavy rotation, courtesy of Spotify/Sonos:

Twenty One Pilots - not sure how best to describe them because at times they remind me of Duke Special, and at others it's more Eminem. Playing all the albums in a shuffled queue isn't helping me figure out either if their sound changed over time or if all the albums contain a mix of styles.

Guaranteed to get the "what's this noise?" response from my wife either way...

This has temporarily displaced my other recent faves:
  • Daughter (atmospheric & mellow alt. pop, quite lively at times)
  • Lanterns on the Lake (ditto)
  • Chvrches (a name chosen with Google in mind and hated by spellcheckers everywhere; less mellow, more dance)
  • Soundgarden (complex time signatures apparently; that's why I can't dance to it...*)
  • Rush (you can never have too much Rush)

* to be fair, there's little or no chance of my dancing regardless of time signatures.

Brass Jester

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Jenny and I just got back from seeing King Crimson at the Royal Albert Hall. OMG! There are no real words to describe what we saw and heard - it was just utterly fantastic. Imagine three drummers, two guitars, saxophone and bass all playing in different time signatures simultaneously, all in a cyclic pattern that repeated every 27 bars - that's an idea of what 'Indiscipline' sounded like. Just unbelievable.
Been listening to a lot of doom recently. Having just turned 50 I find its more sedate pace scratches my metal itch. Stuff like Cathedral, Witchfinder General, Solstice, Pentagram and late period Amebix.


The Guvnor
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Glastonbury 2019.

First: Tame Impala from the Other Stage, BBC Four. An excellent set, fluid and absorbing. Copied out audio stream with ffmpeg and dropped on my phone.
Ask nicely..

Second: The Killers, main stage, great fun as the Killers, with great appearance by Pet Shop Boys and Johnny Marr from the Smiths. Huge fun.
Glastonbury - 2019, The Killers, live from Glastonbury http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0006j9z

Third: Kylie, the sweetheart I came to late.. her set was essentially her new greatest hits album I had on repeat a few days back, joyful froth.
Glastonbury - 2019, Kylie, live from Glastonbury http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0006dcd

Fourth and for me the highlight: the Cure doing a strong complex driving set that after two hours segued into the whimsy they do so well. If you are a hard rocker or even a prog rocker who has never listened to the Cure, try this set for evidence of just how deep and rock they can be. Joyful whimsy at the end.
Glastonbury - 2019, The Cure Live from Glastonbury http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0006t9s

What shall I listen to over and over?
The Cure and Tame Impala
Who do I wish I had seen?, the Cure and Tame Impala
Who do I love?
The family, and the BBC!

Anyone else had a listen?
Strangely enough, listening to The Cure set at the moment and thought I'd post only to find you beat me to it! The set's a grower, building momentum as it goes.

Brass Jester

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The Final Countdown - The Best of Europe.
Jeez, never really realised how good Europe are. Straight up rock and rock ballads; the whole CD set just grabs you by the throat and doesn't stop shaking you. And all sung with no 'F' words every other line; always a bonus when playing it to the grandkids.
Don't normally go a bundle on death metal, but saw a Scottish band called Ruadh at a small festival last weekend. They were immense, all the more so for their drummer being a no-show so they pressed on with the assistance of a machine. Bought their CD "Sovereign" straight after their set and haven't listened to anything else since. It's maybe a bit like Viking period Bathory but has its own Celtic sound. Discovery of the year for me.