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The Guvnor
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NANOWAR OF STEEL - Valhalleluja (ft. Angus McFife from Gloryhammer) | Napalm Records
Great literature has always been a source of inspiration for heavy metal bands.
J.R.R. Tolkien for Blind Guardian, H.P. Lovecraft for Cradle of Filth, The Holy Bible for Stryper and now The IKEA Catalog for Nanowar Of Steel.
Valhalleluja is Nanowar's personal take on modern days Norse Mythology, where alongside Odin, Thor and Loki also the greatest Swedish heroes of our age - Beddinge, Kivik and Knopparp - are sitting in Valhalla.
One of my favourite feel-good groups, The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britian, rocking it out in lockdown:

And my current favourite composer has been doing weekly "cocktail hour" shows from his basement studio, requests of covers and his own tracks


Rune Priest
Why did I get into the Smiths when I learned Morrissey is a dick.
I've never liked The Smiths, but there's plenty of bands, authors, filmakers whose work I enjoy while being aware they're probably not very nice people. I've always tried to divorce the art from the artist as much as I can e.g. James Ellroy always comes across as a world class blow hard and all round obnoxious dick but it doesn't stop me thinking The Big Nowhere is one of the best crime novels ever written. Musically, I still dig early Metallica (and even some of their later stuff) - wouldn't want to meet them though.