[writing] Workflows when writing

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Very impressive.

Text creation is in Google Docs for me as I collaborate a lot when writing. I open scratch Google Docs for random ideas. That's all I've got.


The Guvnor
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Do some research based on previous iteration.

Write lots of notes, deliverables and collect data in Word, Excel, SPSS and take photos.

Huge volume of pdf collection from scientific publishers, following citations and adding all to the Mendeley reference manager. Oh.. and read them..
Outline document structure in Word or Libre office. Draw a mindmap on a big piece of paper, usually A3.
Write, and when quotations are needed, export text from Adobe Acrobat as interim docx file. Manage all citations using Mendeley. Insert Bibliography.



Of course, if only it was that easy.