[watching] WTF! Warrior Nun


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This isn't it:

In Brutal Legend's multiplayer, Battle Nuns are the first, and the most common, of hierarchy units available to Tainted Coil players. For a cost of 75 fans, players can produce Battle Nuns who are themselves able to spawn either Soul Kissers or Punishing Parties onto the Battlefield at their location. The Battle Nun herself is a melee unit, and is able to regenerate not only her own health but that or nearby allied units. More powerful types of Battle Nun can also be produced, who in turn spawn more powerful units themselves.
Or you could strap a couple of chain guns to Sally Field.

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The aerofoil wimple looks rather fun. I always thought the starch was there for a reason - now I know. I was educated by 3 lots of nuns - French Franciscan nuns at nursery school in Cairo, the Sisters of the Holy Cross and Benedictine nuns at secondary school (the Benedictines took over when the SotHC were transferred to duties in Africa). Then I moved to the De la Salle Brothers for A levels (no sciences at the convent).