X20 and Planet 8

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X20 and Imi visited Planet 8, a water planet. On landing; they had a choice of going for a swim or crossing a bridge to a deadly forest or a glowing shape that glowed with rainbow colours. They went to the forest but were attacked by a Ded’Li; a plant creature that is the enemy of Imi and they first met on The Planet of Claws.

They couldn’t beat the Ded’Li, so they ran away to the glowing rainbow shape. This sent out a glowing mist that attacked Imi; they escaped by going down a hole that had opened. Inside the hole was a rushing sound that only X20R could hear; but it made Imi deaf in one ear and made her hear loud sounds in the other ear. X20R couldn’t see any reason for this; but above them was a glowing shape that pointed arrows at them; only the other person could see the arrows. X20R used his electro-rays to stop the arrows and they climbed out next to X20. The rushing sound had gone and Imi looked at the time: she had to get back home in time for tea – X20 used his super spaceship ability to do this.


GM Notes

Again, an interesting and fun Game using Code of the Space-Lanes that took about an hour to play after tea today.

However, there were some MAJOR changes.

X20/ X20R was played by my wife Jenny

Imi was played by my middle granddaughter Evie (7 years old)

The GM was …

Imi – my 7 year old eldest granddaughter!

Yes, seriously. Imi wrote this herself and wanted to play it with Evie (Isla is my youngest granddaughter; but wasn’t interested.)

She ran the Game by drawing a lot of encounters and situations on paper. Dice were rolled for skill checks and Evie (as Imi) showed great skill in rolling doubles. A lot of it was narrative. She didn’t follow the rules to the letter; but they are flexible enough to allow for this.

Imi did exhibit runaway GM syndrome (which all of us have had); she said afterwards that she’s added more into the story because she was enjoying it.


I couldn’t have done this when I was 7 years old.

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