X20 and the Crystal Planet

Brass Jester

Staff member

X20 (spaceship) / X20R (robot)

Resilience: 6

Reason: 4

Reknown: 5


Spaceship (X20) or Robot Body (X20R)

Technology: Electro-Rays: 10 (ship) / 4 (robot)

Native: Manipulator Arms: 4 (ship) / 10 (robot)

General: Super space ship: 18 (ship) / Ninth-level computer brain: 18 (robot)

On a double: ‘I have a solution to this’


Resilience: 6

Reason: 4

Reknown: 5


Technology: Green crystal from the planet of the fish men: 18

Native: Frustrate opponent: 5

General: Curious: 8

On a double: Drama Lama

X20 and the Crystal Planet

Imi and X20 were flying through Galaxy 2 when they saw a glowing crystal planet.

‘Let’s land,’ said Imi, ‘there might be something to eat.’ (Storyline – always hungry)*

As they landed, X20 was enveloped in a blue glow that started to drain his energy banks. Looking around for the source, they saw a line of cliffs with some caves; an area of splintered peaks, a “forest” of crystalline shards and a truncated trapezoid shape in the distance.

Imi and X20R headed for the trapezoid shape; it was made of solid crystal and lit from inside by a swirling blue glow. X20R determined that this was the source of the energy beam draining his energy; Imi noticed that there was a trapezoid-shaped indentation near to the base.

‘A key. We need to find a key’

They headed to the forest of shards; where they were attacked by a huge cloud of splinteroids. X20R took some damage from them becoming embedded in his circuitry, however he was able to modulate his electro-rays in order to heal by setting up a harmonic resonance in the splinteroids**

They found a trapezoid-shaped crystal and headed back to the trapezoid monument. Imi inserted the key and the energy-draining beam stopped; however a glowing blue energy cloud enveloped her. She was able to drive it off using her green crystal and X20R was able to use human first aid on her using his Ninth-Level computer brain.

X20 took off and headed away from the planet; however a huge blue energy cloud erupted from the monument and pursued them; firing bolts of blue-green energy. X20 retaliated with his electro-rays and Imi took over piloting, using her Frustrate Opponent ability to jink and dart in unpredictable ways. Eventually they were able to defeat the cloud; although X20 took some systems damage.

‘That was very impressive. Thank you, my friends, for rescuing me from that planet.’

The sibilant voice came from the back of the cabin; a humanoid alien stood there ***

‘Who are you, how did you get aboard and what do you want?’

(chuckles) ‘ I am Mr. Spye, the door was … open. Now you have rescued me; I would be taken to the nearest planet.’

‘The nearest planet is Purple Planet, in Galaxy 2. Will that do?’

‘That will do nicely. Again, my thanks.’

They dropped off Mr Spye at the Purple Planet **** and then took Imi back to Earth (in Galaxy 1).


GM Notes

*True in real-life!

** PSB at its best

*** Practically any Gerry Anderson alien you can think of, and they all sound like Peter Lorre.

**** Created by Imi and Ben between them.

Ben managed to resolve his Storyline (“Save an Alien”); as to him, Imi is an alien. Imi did not find anything new to eat; so her Storyline continues.

The NPC alien is (unknown to Ben); the Space Spy, who is seeking to steal the secrets of X20.

Another fun session that ran in about 90 minutes; just right to keep Imi’s attention and that fits in on a Friday night

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