Y2K was real

Personally I spent time fixing COBOL code for insurance companies to make sure their systems worked after Y2K. That's how I know it wasn't fake - I saw the computer code.


The Guvnor
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Ditto, I was part of teams searching for order processing systems for problems alongside those replacing programmable logic chips (PLCs) in steel mills.


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I wasn’t doing it, but the ECI engineers who worked with me were sorting code out and replacing systems with Siemens S7 PLCs and new code. The big DCS controls on the plants from Fisher Rosemount needed updating and all the code blocks checking.

Y2K was an anticlimax because people did it right.

Most people don’t realise that the year rollover and daylight saving time can work havoc on systems such as date/time coders for traceability.


Rune Priest
Even time stamps on dates can cause havoc; one of the systems I worked with allowed you modify timetable start and end times independently - but the fields were defined as date time not time. So you'd end up with a calculated time period of negative hours because the social worker had modified the start time at a later date leaving the end time alone. I had to do my own report level calculation stripping the date out of the time to get correct times, converting it to minutes and subtracting the minutes instead of using the universe calculation. My other peeve was timetables spanning midnight - overnight visits starting at 22:00 and ending at 08:00 - I had to error trap my calculations to check for this condition.

I still do the error trap for midnight, but the timetable times are actually time not date time in the current database.